Concrete Floor Grinding and Polishing: 6 Common Mistakes You Could Be Doing and How to Avoid It

Concrete Floor Grinding and Polishing: 6 Common Mistakes You Could Be Doing and How to Avoid It

The longevity of a building’s concrete flooring is dependent on how well it is maintained. Its upkeep can be accomplished through the use of two methods: concrete floor polishing and grinding. These methods will help you to keep your floor in excellent condition. When polishing concrete, it is critical to prepare the surface on which the majority of the work will be performed before beginning. However, people frequently make mistakes when polishing and grinding the floor, which results in the floor being damaged.

Grinding and polishing is a physically demanding job that is not for the faint of heart. Concrete floor grinding contractors must keep a variety of considerations in mind in addition to the physical demands of the job if they want the finished product to be smooth and shiny. Unlike simply sanding away at a piece of concrete at random, this job involves a great deal more effort and time. In order to avoid common mistakes and achieve best practices on concrete floor grinding and polishing, it’s a good idea to research before getting started. Doing research can also assist you in avoiding costly mistakes such as wasting time, ruining a floor, and harming your company’s reputation.

Renucrete is committed to providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to complete your project successfully, and in this blog, we’ll go over some of the mistakes that concrete floor grinding contractors make when grinding and polishing. Continue reading to find out if youve been making some of these common mistakes, as well as learn how to avoid making them in the future.

Concrete Floor Grinding and Polishing Mistake #1: Using the Incorrect Concrete Bond

When grinding concrete, the type of bond your diamond tooling should have depends on the type of concrete being ground. It has a matrix of diamonds embedded in it that wears away over time. The hardness of concrete dictates which tool to use due to the way bonds interact with it. Hard concrete requires a softer bond. Softer concrete requires a much stronger bond. If you choose the wrong concrete bond, one of two things will happen. For example, the tool may not cut into the concrete, or it may cut into the concrete but at a much faster rate than desired, resulting in faster tool wear. Both outcomes waste time and money, so always know the concrete’s composition before grinding.

Concrete Floor Grinding and Polishing Mistake #2: Using Low-Quality Diamond to Save Money

Understandably, the cost of diamond tooling is a concern, as it involves diamonds. But when it comes to diamond tooling, quality always trumps price. Due to the fact that low-quality diamonds deteriorate much faster. Worse, poor-quality diamonds may not wear evenly. This means your tools will degrade faster and produce less effective results.

Poor diamond tools can cause uneven surfaces and even scratching, requiring extra work to fix. Buying diamond tooling from a reputable supplier like Bedrock Supplies ensures smooth surfaces free of scratches and gashes.

Concrete Floor Grinding and Polishing Mistake #3: Grinding Too Fast

Remember to grind concrete slowly and steadily. One of the most common grinding errors is rushing through the task. While increasing the speed of the grinder may appear to be a quick solution, resist the urge to rush. Over speeding the grinder, especially on harder concrete, can quickly overheat the diamonds and cause them to glaze over. In the worst case, your grinding tool becomes useless, defeating the purpose of increasing speed. The tool’s speed does not affect the job’s speed. If you want faster results, you need to increase the tool’s pressure. The tool removes more material per pass when pressed downward.

Concrete Floor Grinding and Polishing Mistake #4: Not Inspecting the Floor Properly Before Starting

Before you start grinding, check the floor for a few things. The health of your tools requires regular inspection of the floor for any material “above grade.” This means they are elevated above the floor’s surface and can be made of any material. These above-grade materials should be sanded down to the level of the floor, or they should be completely removed.

Attempting to grind over these non-standard materials will damage your tools if you skip this step. These flaws can chip your diamond segment, causing long-term damage to your tools and necessitating replacement.

Concrete Floor Grinding and Polishing Mistake #5: Not Addressing Scratches Immediately Upon Observation

The desire to finish a task quickly often results in a sub-optimal product. This happens when a contractor doesn’t inspect the floor while grinding and polishing. To remove scratch marks from grinding, use the same grit that you used to create them.

Don’t think that increasing the grit level will buff them. It won’t, and the longer you ignore the problem, the worse it gets. Recheck your scratches to make sure they don’t get worse.

Concrete Floor Grinding and Polishing Mistake #6: Overlooking Customer Expectations

This is a critical issue that has nothing to do with grinding and polishing. You must understand exactly what the customer expects. This isn’t always possible; you’ll need to explain to them what they’ll get when the process is finished. While it’s important to understand the customer’s wants, it’s also important to temper expectations.

Many of these common grinding and polishing errors are caused by haste and lack of planning. Concrete polishing and grinding should be systematic and thoughtful. The final product’s quality is directly related to your time and care, as well as your tools’ care. Bedrock Supplies only sells high-quality concrete polishing and grinding tools that won’t let you down.

Learn Concrete Floor Grinding and Polishing from the Expert!

Following regulations and best practices will help you build a successful concrete grinding and polishing business. Also, don’t delay buying the right equipment for your business.

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