Reflective Epoxy Flooring Sydney

Reflective Epoxy Flooring in Sydney

Are you a home or a business owner that is looking for expert reflective epoxy flooring installation in Sydney? Do you want to achieve a bright and professional-looking floor that will last for many years? Would you want to work with top-rated epoxy flooring experts in Sydney?

Epoxy flooring has been very common in commercial and industrial establishments. Normally, RenuCrete flooring specialists apply it over concrete floors. Specifically, it makes the concrete surface smooth and durable. So, your floors can withstand heavy traffic and last for decades.

RenuCrete installs luxurious epoxy flooring and decorative concrete finishes. Particularly, we work all across Sydney Western Suburbs and surrounds.

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What is Reflective Epoxy Flooring Sydney?

Reflective epoxy flooring is a modern concrete finish favoured for it’s high-end, unique finish. In fact, it is available in a wide variety of colours and textures. Moreover, it’s a great choice for your business place.

As mentioned, epoxy flooring best suits in areas where there is usually heavy traffic. Surely, it can sustain heavy loads. To explain, epoxy accurately adheres to the concrete making it a part of the structure. Therefore, it can last up to 20 years or longer with proper installation and maintenance.

Certainly, our team is a pro when it comes to reflective epoxy installation. To illustrate, our flooring experts have undergone professional training. Also, we have certification in epoxy installation. Hence, we use only state-of-the-art equipment to produce a consistently durable high sheen finish.

Get in touch with us today on 0410 223 300. Specifically, you can learn more about Epoxy finishing and our expertise when we talk. Also, we can arrange a measure and quote.

Why Choose Reflective Epoxy Flooring?

Distinctively, reflective epoxy flooring has a luxurious-looking finish. Particularly, with a rich lustre that is difficult to replicate. Commonly, it’s used in homes in Sydney. More so, in high-end retailers, luxury car dealerships, restaurants and more.

In general, reflective epoxy has all the great properties of polished concrete flooring. Specifically, it has anti-bacterial properties, durability, and low-maintenance. Moreover, it also boasts a gorgeous sheen, lustre and unique finish. Clearly, it’s a great option for those who want something more than the exposed aggregate look.

Benefits of RenuCrete Reflective Epoxy Installation

Undoubtedly, reflective epoxy flooring by RenuCrete Sydney provides you with amazing benefits. For instance, the following will explain why you need reflective epoxy flooring:

  • Unique floors
  • Highly polished anti-bacterial surface
  • An array of colours and textures
  • Gorgeous, high-end look
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • No grout lines
  • Seven-year warranty

Absolutely, the beautiful thing about Epoxy finishes is the available unique customisation. In fact, we can colour your epoxy finish in any colour you desire. For instance, you can choose from deep metallic blue hues to gorgeous gold flake finishes.

The artisanal trawling marks are sanded back for a unique finish. So, it brings slight light and dark highlights throughout the finish. However, no two epoxy floors are the same. So, for an epoxy-like finish, you can also take a look at our concrete staining services.

Professional Reflective Epoxy Installation

As mentioned, RenuCrete flooring specialists have training and certification in Epoxy installation. Besides, we have the same expertise in other concrete services from Elite Crete. Moreover, we have years of experience in decorative and functional epoxy installations.

Specifically, we have state-of-the-art modern equipment to reduce installation times and produce more consistent results. Clearly, these specific measures achieve a high-quality, incredibly durable finish every time. Confidently, we guarantee the best epoxy installation techniques that come with a seven-year warranty.

Contact RenuCrete Reflective Epoxy Flooring Experts

Reflective epoxy flooring is our speciality in Sydney Western Suburbs and surrounds. In fact, we’ve been providing excellent polished concrete services for many years. For instance, you can check our customer reviews in Google My Business. So, you will have a glimpse of how we work by what our clients say about us.

Aside from reflective epoxy flooring, we also specialise on many polished concrete services. For example, we are experts in concrete honing, concrete staining, and concrete polishing. Also, we excel in concrete grinding and sealing and garage flooring. Furthermore, we offer services in cement overlays, stencil crete, and concrete floor repairs and cleaning.

Indeed, for any polished concrete service that you require, RenuCrete welcomes your call. So, get in touch with us today on 0410 223 300. Likewise, you can send us a message or request through our enquiry form.


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