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Semi Exposed Aggregate Polished Concrete Sydney

Do you prefer a state-of-the-art semi exposed aggregate concrete polishing option in Sydney? Are you looking forward to having a polished concrete finish with an amazingly tasteful appearance? Specifically, do you want a concrete finish that is certainly slip-and-abrasion-resistant? Moreover, do you need a polished concrete with a minimal lifetime cost?

Remarkably, we at Renucrete specialise in semi exposed aggregate polished concrete with outstanding craftsmanship. In fact, we follow thorough expert procedures to achieve exactly the best finish. Most importantly, we use special skills to achieve a great concrete surface that doesn’t show too much aggregate.

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Semi Exposed Aggregate Differs from Other Polished Concrete Finishes

RenuCrete offers various polished concrete services in Sydney. Specifically, semi exposed aggregate is just one of the choices. Particularly, we also have the cream finish, salt and pepper, and fully exposed aggregate. Certainly, each of these offers the best solution to your specific polished concrete requirements.

Semi exposed aggregate also refers to partially exposed polished concrete by RenuCrete Sydney. Generally, this is a great choice for a durable and hard-wearing floor yet visually appealing concrete finish. Specifically, it exposes the aggregate partially giving your concrete surface a beautiful semi aggregate exposure.  Particularly, it is best suited for residential, commercial, and industrial places. Furthermore, it’s quite easy to clean and maintain.

Accordingly, RenuCrete Sydney follows a critically intricate process to achieve the best semi exposed polished concrete. For instance, we use a specific variety of grit metal bond diamonds to get accurate results. Most importantly, we execute with extra care each step in the procedures. Therefore, our work leaves a flawless semi-exposed concrete finish.

How Do We Achieve the Best Semi Exposed Polished Concrete?

As mentioned, RenuCrete follows uniquely detailed procedures to achieve accuracy in installing a semi exposed concrete polishing. In fact, our specialists have mastered this amazing concrete polishing finish. Moreover, it certainly took us intensive training and experience to achieve perfection.

Specifically, we begin with the use of 80 grit metal bond diamonds. To explain, we use it under the concrete floor grinder. Then, we carefully work with it to make sure that we don’t expose too much aggregate on your floor finish. Thankfully, our skilled flooring specialists assure you of 100% accuracy of the job.

Additionally, we clear the surface of scratches with 40, grit, 80 grit, and 150 grit metal bond diamonds. Consecutively, we follow it with 100 grit resin bond pads under the floor grinder. Carefully, we then clean the floor and densify it as we do in a fully exposed aggregate finish.

Generally, the densifier will finish absorbing the concrete lime already the next day. Particularly, it hardens the concrete surface which already allows us to apply a low sheen finish. For this, we use 100-200 resin pads under the grinder.

Respectively, we use 100, 200, 400, and 800 resin pad passes to achieve a medium sheen finish. Furthermore, we use 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, and up to 3000 resin pad passes for a high gloss finish. Most importantly, we never forget replicating the process on the edges. Accordingly, this is to achieve the same sheen finish up to the walls using a smaller grinder.

How Long Does Semi Exposed Polished Concrete Installation Take?

Certainly, RenuCrete Sydney can provide you with the estimated time to install the semi exposed aggregate polished concrete. However, we first need to consider your specific requirements for the job. In fact, we gather these details carefully when we talk to you about the project. With these, we can provide an estimated time.

For instance, we need to ascertain the amount of space that requires concrete polishing. Also, we discuss the actual situation of your floors that need the application. Besides, we present to you the options for the final finish look that you choose. Moreover, we consider factors like your location and if yours is residential, commercial, or industrial.

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