Concrete Floor Repairs & Cleaning


RenuCrete provide professional concrete floor repairs and cleaning services in Sydney Western Suburbs. Our procedure rejuvenates internal and external concrete flooring, repairing cracks and dents in driveways, pool areas and internal concrete floors. We offer thorough cleaning and repair services to mend damage of any size. Our professional team work tirelessly to clean, patch and re-seal concrete to make it look better than new again. To discuss our capabilities and arrange a measure and quote, get in touch with us on 0410 223 300.


Our concrete cleaning services include everything from thorough deep-cleansing to basic high-pressure cleaning. Deep cleansing washes ensure lengthier protection from grime by getting into the pores of the concrete, plus the final sealant coat will keep your concrete durable for longer.

Our deep-cleansing wash includes:

  1. Thorough scrubbing at 4500psi
  2. Acid wash to bring any grime and impurities to the surface
  3. High-pressure cleaning
  4. Applying new sealant for a long lasting finish

This ensures the long-term cleanliness of your driveway, footpath, patio and pool surrounds. Alternatively, a high-pressure wash is a budget-friendly solution that removes any existing grime, but it doesn’t offer the same protection against future build-up.


We perform repairs on both interior and exterior concrete floors, including exposed, polished, honed, aggregate and Epoxy. Crack and hole repairs vary on the extent of the damage, but for most crack repairs, we’ll grind back the damage, clean it thoroughly, fill it with epoxy and seal. On high sheen finishes like polished and Epoxy surfaces, scratches can appear after many years of use. Scratches usually only require new sealant and a quick polish.

For interior floors with extensive damage, we may recommend a cementitious overlay. Cementitious overlays are stylish, thin applications of concrete material, mixed to the colour you desire and polished to a high sheen. Not only will they provide a durable, lasting repair, but overlays also give you the opportunity to mix up the décor of your home. Read more about our cementitious overlays.


Get in touch with RenuCrete for more information about our Sydney Western Suburbs and surrounds concrete polishing services. Call 0410 223 300.

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