Cement  Overlays Sydney

Cement Overlays Sydney

Have you been looking for top-rated Sydney flooring specialists to install decorative cement overlays? Do you need expert renovation of your worn down and cracked concrete floor? Are you after a budget-friendly floor renovation? Specifically, are you in need of the most cost-effective cementitious overlays with top-rated quality?

Generally, concrete overlays installation has been one of the best alternatives for concrete floor problems. In fact, it’s quite less expensive than the replacement or removal of a damaged or stained concrete floor. Essentially, it rejuvenates your worn concrete floor and restores it to its brand new look.

Practically, RenuCrete offers unbeatable quality on cement overlays installation. Specifically, we cover residential, commercial, and industrial areas in the entire Sydney Western Suburbs and surrounds.  Particularly, we install decorative cement overlays over existing tile and concrete floors.

Therefore, if you require top-rated flooring specialists to install your concrete overlays, contact RenuCrete today. In fact, we provide a free quote and advice. Certainly, we welcome your call on 0410 223 300.

How Does Decorative Cement Overlays Work?

Flooring industry experts also call decorative cement overlays as cement overlays. Specifically, it will allow for a durable and unique coloured concrete finish. Purposefully, this type of polishing will cover up blemishes in existing flooring.

RenuCrete flooring specialists have extensive experience in cement overlays installation. Certainly, this comes with intensive professional training and certification.

You can call us today to learn more about cement overlays and its installation process. Likewise, you can arrange a measure and quote by calling us on 0410 223 300.

Why Are Cement Overlays a Great Choice?

Clearly, the benefits of cement overlays are two-fold. Not only are they a great choice for decorative flooring. But they can also completely rejuvenate any existing worn down and cracked tiles or concrete floors.

In fact, we apply somewhat of a veneer in coloured concrete over your existing flooring. Well, that is instead of a thick structural layer of concrete. Particularly, this makes them a budget-friendly option for floor renovation. To explain, the sanded-back trowel marks create dark and light highlights throughout the floor. Obviously, this means that cement overlays look unique.

Specifically, the benefits of cement overlays include the following:

  • No grouting
  • Incredibly durable
  • Low maintenance
  • A budget alternative for cement flooring renovation
  • An array of colours available in matte or gloss finish

In conclusion, cement overlays are a great budget alternative to transform the look of your floor. In fact, it will make your flooring look a million dollars worth again. Clearly, it is a great solution to floors that look a little worse for wear.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you have tiles, concrete, or cement sheeting. Thankfully, cement overlays work best with all of these flooring types. Therefore, this means that you no longer need to worry about cracked tiles or dirty grout ever again.

Cement Overlays Process

RenuCrete follows an intricate process to ensure perfection in applying concrete polishing. For instance, we have step-by-step procedures for cement overlays installation. Certainly, the following steps will ensure 100% accuracy of installation.

Firstly, we apply self-levelling concrete over any existing tiles or concrete floors. Then, we mix up the cement overlays in your colour of choice. Next, we apply multiple coatings and then sand.

Specifically, we will finish the overlays in your choice of matte or gloss finish. Thankfully, these are available in a wide range of colours to suit your décor. On the other hand, you might also be interested in Stencil Crete finishes for outdoor applications.

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RenuCrete offers expert polishing concrete services such as cement overlays in Sydney. Also, we have equal expertise in concrete honing, garage flooring, and concrete staining. Moreover, our flooring specialists do reflective epoxy flooring, concrete grinding and sealing, and many more.

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