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Full Exposed Aggregate Polished Concrete Sydney

Do you want a concrete finish in Sydney that is natural and effectively dramatic like the full exposed aggregate? Would you like polished concrete that can beautifully contrast with the other plain concrete surfaces? Did you know that you can have the timeless full exposed aggregate finish on both floors and walls?

Strategically, RenuCrete can turn your home or business into its most striking looks with the full exposed decorative aggregate. In fact, this type of concrete finish can give your place an unbelievably strong and classic appearance. Specifically, this is one of our specialties that we mastered with accuracy. That is, over long years of working on polished concrete finishes.

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The Timeless Beauty of Full Exposed Aggregate

Presently, there are many options for polished concrete. However, full exposed aggregate just never goes out of style. Proudly, it still is the original. In fact, it’s been around since the 1900s. Surprisingly, this style still tops the list of polished concrete finish choices in Sydney.

Specifically, full exposed aggregate brings out the natural beauty that just hides underneath the mixture. To explain, this finish exposes the sand and gravel dramatically making the surface look unique and more natural. Also, this finish sometimes uses quartzite or decorative crushed glasses.

Usually, these elements just get covered with a plain and shiny surface. Thankfully, we now have the best methods to showcase their beauty on the surface. Particularly, full exposed aggregate brings your place a naturally unique concrete surface texture.

Where Can You Apply Full Exposed Aggregate?

Undoubtedly, being durable and skid-resistant make full exposed aggregate perfect for flat walk areas. For instance, it’s definitely ideal for driveways, patios, and sidewalks. Also, we can apply this finish to make uniquely beautiful effects in plazas and pool decks.

Not only is full exposed aggregate ideal on floors. Certainly, it is also a great decorative finish on your concrete walls. For example, it’s best for decorative retaining walls, sound barrier walls, and facades of architectural buildings.

Renucrete polished concrete experts provide flawless full exposed aggregate polished concrete. In fact, our team commits to the accuracy of our work to attain the best quality.

How to Achieve Perfection with Full Exposed Aggregate Finish?

As a note, we have a unique process to achieve perfection with full exposed aggregate in Sydney. In fact, we make its seemingly complex process easier because of our mastery. Not only that, but we also can work with you to achieve 100% creativity and uniqueness that you want.

In general, the amount of aggregate visible on the surface depends on the tools and techniques that we use. For instance, we use a special coarse diamond tooling underneath the walk.  Specifically, that is behind the concrete grinder. Absolutely, the process is similar to sanding a piece of wood. In fact, we begin with the coarse grit tooling to the finest one to achieve a flawless finish.

RenuCrete Full Exposed Aggregate Polished Concrete Procedures

We use the following step-by-step procedure to achieve perfection with full exposed aggregate finish:

  • Firstly, we start with 20 grit coarse diamond tooling to expose the full amount of aggregate that you desire.
  • Secondly, we remove surface scratches using 40 grit diamond tooling.
  • Then, we further clean the concrete surface of fine scratches with 80 grit diamond tooling.
  • Finally, our 150 grit diamond tooling will perfect the flawless surface.

Technically, from the edges up to the walls, we use the same grit diamond tooling. However, to grind these corners to the walls, we switch to a smaller edge grinder.

Accordingly, we then clean the floor to make it ready for the Lithium Densifier application. Carefully, we spray on the concrete’s surface the Lithium Densifier. Next, we use a microfibre pad to rub the densifier into the concretes surface.

Strategically, we do this to fill the pores of the concrete which then reacts with the free lime within the concrete. Therefore, it produces an extremely hard durable top layer of concrete. Absolutely, this gives the surface its extreme durability. Furthermore, it enables the surface to have a fine polish. This time, we use resin diamond tooling under the concrete grinder.

Full Exposed Aggregate Polished Concrete Gloss Options

Certainly, we offer choices for the type of glossy finish that you specifically want for your full exposed aggregate. In fact, each gloss type entails specific procedures to follow.

If you want a matte glossy finish, we use 50 grit resin diamond tooling. Consecutively, we follow it with 100 grit tooling. Then, 200 grit and 400 grit diamond tooling pass over the floor. Definitely, the result is a 100% smooth and non-glossy luxurious finish.

Particularly, in case you prefer a semi-gloss finish, we continue with 800 grit resin diamond tooling. Specifically, we put it under the floor grinder which brings out some lustre from the concretes surface. Therefore, you can achieve a unique semi-gloss surface.

On the other hand, for a glossy finish, we do another pass with 1500 grit resin diamond tooling. However, if you would like a high gloss finish we perform a final pass. This time, we use 3000 grit resin diamond tooling.

Consequently, we will polish all the edges using the same resins as the main floor. Of course, to ensure we cover every corner, we will apply it along the way with a smaller concrete polisher.

Notably, only experts can best apply the most accurate concrete polishing. Technically, the execution of each step requires the right order. Thankfully, you can rely on RenuCrete to achieve a luxurious hard-wearing floor surface that will last a lifetime.

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