Concrete Honing Sydney

Concrete Honing Sydney

Do you require expert concrete honing professionals in Sydney? Are you in need of flooring specialists that provide top-rated concrete finishes? Have you been looking for cost-effective and elite polished concrete services in your home or business?

RenuCrete flooring specialists are concrete honing professionals in Sydney. Primarily, we provide high quality exposed concrete finishes. Specifically, we are present across the Sydney Western Suburbs and surrounds.

If you want to know more about concrete honing, call us today on 0410 223 300! Surely, we provide free advice and a quote. Also, we can discuss a range of other services that we offer. For instance, we have top-notch services on concrete polishing and garage flooring. Besides, we are experts in cement overlays, reflective epoxy flooring, and concrete floor repairs and cleaning. Moreover, we have stencil crete, concrete staining, and concrete grinding and sealing.

What is Concrete Honing?

Simply, concrete honing means progressively grinding the surface of your present concrete floor. Specifically, this process uses diamond tooling to grind your floor surface to achieve the best results. Clearly, after the process, your floor will transform into a flat and smooth with its glistening aggregate.

In summary, the finish gives external concrete a sleek matte finish with exposed aggregate. Certainly, our team is trained and certified in concrete honing. Generally, we use state-of-the-art equipment to produce consistent, high-quality results. Surely, the results will impress your guests, neighbours or customers.

Get in touch with us on 0410 223 300 to discuss our decorative concrete floor services. Likewise, you can arrange with us a measure and quote.

Why Choose Concrete Honing?

Concrete honing by RenuCrete in Sydney follows similar procedures to concrete polishing. However, with honing, we seal quite early on when the aggregate becomes exposed. To explain, concrete polishing uses extremely fine grits for a high sheen finish. On the contrary, honing tends to have a matte finish.

Consequently, we’ll apply a sealant to keep it durable for many years to come. In general, honed concrete is already designed to produce minimal slippage. However, we can also apply a special non-slip sealant for use on pathways. Similarly, we apply the same material in pool surrounds and other areas exposed to water.

Benefits of Honed Concrete

  • Non-slip
  • Durable
  • The exposed aggregate gives a modern touch
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean

Obviously, whether a honed or polished concrete finish suits you best depends on the intended application. For instance, honing is best suited to outdoor areas. Particularly, where the slip hazard of polished concrete makes it unsafe to use.

Common Areas to Use Concrete Honing

Generally, concrete honing is best suitable in the following areas:

  • Patios
  • Pool surrounds
  • Driveways
  • Garages and carports
  • Pathways

Professional Concrete Honing Techniques

Our approach to concrete honing has been developed over many years. In fact, it comes with intensive training with the certification from Elite Crete. Simply, RenuCrete performs concrete honing with strict adherence to professional techniques. Clearly, this is to ensure our customers get consistent results.

With that said, we offer a seven-year warranty on all of our decorative concrete services. Undoubtedly, concrete honing is incredibly durable. For instance, you won’t need the necessary maintenance for many years. Of course, this will depend on your usage and the surrounding environment.

In general, a standard concrete honing usually takes two to three days. Considerably, it will depend on the surface area. So, we’ll organise an installation date at a time that best suits you. Usually, the final sealant coat only takes two hours to set in. After that, you’ll be able to walk and place furniture on the surface as usual.

Contact Concrete Honing Professionals in Sydney

RenuCrete has been providing top-notch concrete honing and other polishing services for many years in Sydney. In fact, you can check our customer testimonials in Google My Business. Therefore, you’ll have a quick look at how we work as professional polished concrete specialists.

For a quick way to reach us, call 0410 223 300. Similarly, you can use the enquiry form on this website.


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