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Applications of Polished Concrete in Modern Design and Construction

Polished concrete finish are very known to be used in areas where heavy traffic is being used. They provide the best performance on these conditions because of the amazing properties they possess. Polished concrete floors Sydney are known to withstand high temperatures, weather conditions and many more that why polished concrete floors in Sydney are widely popular especially in home garages and building staff houses.


Using stunning aggregates, quartz and colours to create a sense of industrial sophistication in both homes and commercial buildings, polished concrete finish is a versatile material that is easily customizable in its appearance. Its reflective surface creates an evocative quality under light, which can be suitable for a variety of programs.

From the least expensive “grind and seal” method to honed concrete which uses a penetrating sealer to create a reflective surface, polished concrete floors Sydney can be created in a variety of ways. As it is long-lasting and more durable under heavy foot traffic, mechanically polished concrete finish is the type usually used in commercial projects. It is created by applying a chemical hardener that densifies the porous concrete, and then grinding it to the desired gloss and smoothness. The concrete can be ground to 800, 1500 or 3000 grit level using a series of progressively fine tools (similar to the process of sanding wood). Another consideration is the concrete’s “exposure level”- that is, the amount if the original surface which is ground away and thus how much of the aggregate material is exposed.


The most common places polished concrete finish is used include:

  • Large warehouses and warehouse outlets – it is commonly used at warehouses since constant in and out of heavy cargo happen every day and polished concrete finish can withstand heavy traffic and does not break. They are very durable that is why its option that many business owners prefer.
  • Retail stores – it is also common in retail stores because of heavy foot traffic that normal concrete or tiled floors cannot withstand. Also with the constant moving of boxes and heavy loads they are perfect to work with.
  • Hotels and restaurants – not only are these places heavy with foot traffic they are also places that needs cleaning all the time. They are preferred by restaurant owners and business men because they are easy to clean and offer less maintenance than any other floor options saving them a lot of trouble and of course money.
  • Office buildings  – heavy foot traffic from employees and clients. Big scope for the maintenance staff that is why polished concrete is a great option to use because they require minimal maintenance and still keep the professional and elegant appeal.
  • Auto showrooms – cars, trucks and machines come and go and are always exposed to water, heat, dirt and many more. Since polished concrete finish does not have open spaces, they are durable and no water seeps through it they provide the best options for buildings like these.
  • Private residences – due its sleek looking and benefits, they not only provide beauty but value to every home owner who wishes to put on polished concrete finish.

A Deeper Look on Polished Concrete Floors Sydney : Expectations and Limitations

Several types of concrete lend themselves well to different processing and finishing methods. When ground and polished concrete contractor is working with concrete that already exists, the results are heavily reliant on the quality of the concrete that they are provided to deal with.

Excellent outcomes are possible with the vast majority of the commercially available concrete if it is of enough strength and has been completed.

The final appearance and outcomes can be affected by factors such as aggregate, colour variations, various contaminates, fractures, patterns left by a prior floor covering, existing stains, nail holes, patched areas, and flatness.

An existing finished concrete slab can be improved upon by pouring a new slab according to the specifications for a polished concrete finish. This will eliminate a considerable number of variables and produce better finish results than the existing slab.


AFFORDABLE. Despite having a high-end appearance, it is still more affordable than any other flooring options. The whole lifecycle cost is lower than any popular types of flooring. It is particularly affordable if you already have a concrete slab you can get professionally.

DURABLE. Durability is second to none for manufacturing and warehousing facilities. It is very solid and can stand up to heavy foot traffic.

LOW-MAINTENANCE. They boast exceptional ease of maintenance, eliminating the need for periodic stripping and waxing, a common requirement for various other types of flooring. Furthermore, their effortless cleaning process stands out, as they do not trap dirt or dust as most other floorings do, necessitating only occasional mopping.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.  They are an eco-friendly option as it does not involve the use of hazardous chemical coatings, cleaners and adhesive in their installation or upkeep. Floors are also energy efficient, which further add to their reputation as a “green” flooring choice.

Uncovering the Queries of the Public: Frequently Asked Questions on Polished Concrete Floor Services

Polished concrete floors Sydney has increased in popularity to the point where it is now one of the most common flooring options in commercial real estate. Polished concrete can also be found in the dining areas of restaurants, as well as, in the hallways and corridors of educational facilities, to name just a few of its applications.

Several frequently asked questions come up when individuals, like you, are thinking about installing polished concrete floors in a commercial space. If you probably have your questions, go through the following and you might find out some answers fit for you. Additionally, you can also message polished concrete floor Sydney for more information!

1. Why should I polish my concrete floor?

The concrete that you already have will become denser and stronger through the process of polishing concrete, which will make it more resistant to stains and damage. Polished concrete can also drastically improve the look of older concrete floors by providing a brilliant and reflective surface that is capable of being stained to add vivid colour. Concrete floors that have been glossed create an appealing and long-lasting floor system that is also much simpler to clean and maintain than unpolished concrete.

2. How Do I Keep Polished Concrete Looking Its Best?

Maintenance requirements for polished concrete are modest. Nevertheless, regular cleaning is still required. Regular maintenance includes the use of a damp mop to eliminate dust and grime. Consider using a neutral cleaner and conditioner that removes dirt from the surface and leaves a dirt-resistant coating behind.

Except for high-traffic areas, polished concrete will retain its lustre for decades. If it ever becomes dull, it is simple to restore. Sometimes it is sufficient to just buff the floor with a professional polishing chemical. If additional polishing is required, the floors can be repolished using a fine-grit abrasive.

3. How Much Time Is Required for the Application Process?

The floor’s preparation and design are the only factors that can influence this aspect. Factors such as extensive racking, machinery to work around, removal of a coating, heavy grinding, or any other construction or building-related impediments will cause an increase in the amount of time required for application. Polished concrete floors Sydney would gladly examine the floor as well as the plan to provide an accurate estimate of the amount of time required for application.

4. Is Polished Concrete Slippery?

Due to the distinctive sheen and strong brightness of smooth finish concrete, many individuals dispute its slipperiness. When concrete surfaces are clean and dry, they are typically no more slippery than plain concrete surfaces. In truth, polished concrete is typically less slippery than waxed linoleum or marble.

Additionally, anti-slip conditioners can be put to a polished concrete surface to provide additional protection against accidents. These products contain unique ingredients meant to improve traction and make wet areas safer. No additional cleaning is required, however, occasional reapplication is typically necessary.

5. Can polished concrete floor Sydney add colour to my concrete floor?

New or existing concrete can be stained to create a glossy, custom-designed floor. New concrete is coloured integrally while existing concrete can be tinted with acid- and water-based stains or dyes. Water-based stains generate solid, vivid hues, whereas acid-based stains give mottled, earthy tones. Polished concrete contractors Sydney can combine stains to produce a one-of-a-kind appearance and even utilise saw cutting to create patterns and effects that are unique to the client. The most brilliant and strong hues can also be achieved with concrete dyes. Unlike stains, which react chemically with the concrete, dyes impart colour by permeating the material due to their lower particle size. A dye can provide a variety of attractive effects, including monochromatic, transparent, and marbled effects.

6. What should I avoid to maintain the quality of the floor?

  • Cleansing products containing hydroxides or sulphates
  • Acidic or caustic cleaners
  • Avoid all contact with acids
  • Dust mops
  • Bleach
  • Aggressive scrubbing brushes

7. Is Concrete Polishing Recommended for All Floors?

Wherever there is a chance that powerful acids will come into contact with the floor, polished concrete flooring is not advised as an option. However, these are often only relatively minor parts of a facility, and the rest of the floor could still be polished if the appropriate precautions were taken.

If you have more questions regarding polished concrete floor services don’t hesitate to message us. Polished concrete floor Sydney would gladly entertain you!


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