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What is Concrete Grinding and Sealing

We are always in a look out to have the perfect and new applications we can add into our homes, may it be the new process of crown moulding or the beam structures. Sometimes we often forget that the floor we always walk on can complete the house over all look. We are so focused on the walls, support and everything and completely ignore other factor that makes a difference in the final output. But all through the beauty we should always think of the durability. Being aesthetically appealing and durable at the same time is a win-win situation for anyone. And that’s what concrete grinding and sealing provide.


Concrete grinding and sealing is a term to describe the system of applying a protective and transparent coating to concrete floors. It is also a method of polishing and concrete resurfacing. The top layer of concrete is grinded back to show as little or as much stone as the client desires. This process includes grinding and then sealing the floors. The eradication of any scratches or impurities in the surface layer of any concrete is what grinding do. It is achieved by using high power concrete grinders that can quickly and efficiently saturate the surface of the concrete with scratches. You can choose to use finer diamonds to remove visible scratching. Then get a flat surface ready for coating once the right level of stone exposure has been achieved. Lastly, the floor is finished with a protective sealer. This sealer can be a matte, semi-gloss or high gloss.


The sealing part where a topical sealer is put on top to protect the concrete is done after the grinding. These sealing coats are mainly made of urethane, epoxy or acrylic. Although the process points out to ‘polished concrete’, there is still a slight difference between ‘grind and seal’ and ‘grind and polish’. Grind and polish are hardened with a densifier and are refined to a much higher level to create the shine. With proper sealing, there is almost no space left to allow air through the concrete, and the sealant plays a crucial role in binding the concrete.


concrete grinding and sealing


The first step in concrete grinding and sealing is to grind away any existing coatings or impurities such as grease and dirt. And begin to smooth the surface of the floor. Patched and filled at this time are any larger holes, divots and expansion joints. Grinding also allows for adhesion between your concrete and the concrete stain and/or sealer.


Staining or colouring your concrete is optional. This allows you to ensure that your floors appearance will match the theme or colour-scheme of the room.


A sealer is applied to protect and enhance the beauty and durability of your new concrete floor. Proper sealers will resist stains from most industrial chemicals. Some of the quality of the sealers can even offer a lifetime warranty against peeling and yellowing.


Grinding and sealing concrete floor provide numerous benefits and will surely be worth the money you will invest in.


Fewer grinding steps are required to achieve your desired appearance and finish with the proper sealer. It also never needs to be buffed or burnished, which save you even more.


A sealed concrete floor has a natural beauty that few other floors can match.  Working with Advanced Flooring Systems will give you a stunning surface that lasts.


Our sealed concrete floors are much easier to keep clean than unsealed concrete. And even polished floors with an acrylic sealer, decreasing expenses by requiring fewer labour hours and a fraction of the chemicals you’re currently using to clean.


Unlike acrylic sealers, which do not hold up well to acid, the proper sealer resists stains from nearly any industrial chemical.  This not only protects the finish, but the concrete itself. 


The proper seal coating delivers a hard finish that holds up exceptionally well, even in high traffic areas.


The floor undergoes evaluation and process and passes the requirements for slip resistance; grip can be further increased with the inclusion of grip enhancing additives, if desired.

There are more benefits you can witness if you invest in one. Concrete grinding Sydney is becoming popular is one of the top option for residential or business properties. The concrete grinding and sealing industry is currently booming. People are always looking to improve the quality and value of their own property if they wish to sell it in the future.


There are a lot of ways you can do to make sure to hire the perfect company to do the job. Recommendations from friends and family who have recently done the project as well is the most reliable way. Doing your own research as well and trying to look for online reviews can help you have more insight on how the company provide service to previous clients and hopefully you. There are a lot of concrete grinding and sealing companies who can do the job but make sure that you hire the company you can work with comfortably and can provide an overall service to save money and time.

Why should you leave concrete grinding and sealing to professionals?

The process of concrete grinding and sealing is consisting intricate stages. Prepping the surface, smoothing the concrete, filling cracks and holes, cleaning the surface, and sealing or placing a coating on top is all part of the process. Each stage must be done appropriately and accordingly to acquire the best results. Professionals are trained to do these jobs and here in RenuCrete, we have our team of professionals who can guarantee a high-quality service not only due to years of experience but also because Renucrete is certified by Elite Crete in concrete grinding and other flooring services.

Hiring professionals provide more benefits than you would believe. They for sure have the best knowledge and skill to get the work done. Professional flooring companies have more access to quality materials because they acquire easier contact with various suppliers. The flooring itself is a complicated job and risking with DIY flooring might put you into more work and hassle. Contrary to popular belief, hiring professional services can lead to fewer expenses since they have better access to materials and proper knowledge which lessens the risk of faulty flooring. In addition, their competence can save time since they don’t need to do further research on the process of concrete grinding and sealing. To outline everything, here are the main reasons why you should leave concrete grinding and sealing to professionals:

  1. They are experts.
  2. Provide long-lasting outcomes.
  3. Cost-effective
  4. Reduce your workload.
  5. Results that are both high-quality and convenient.
  6. Installation time is reduced.

Concrete Grinding and Sealing VS.  Polished Concrete

Torn between these two? Well, the answer to your dilemma would be solely coming from you. Your needs will determine whether you choose concrete grinding and sealing or polished concrete. So, before deciding between the two, consider your needs and where you opt to put this flooring installation.

Concrete grinding and sealing are preferable to use in low-traffic areas such as residential areas, office flooring, kitchen set-ups, and restrooms. Although the concrete grinding process in a grind and seal involves fewer steps than the concrete polishing procedure, the end result is still smooth and attractive. Grease, oil spills, stains, and animal urine can all be prevented by grinding and sealing the concrete floor. Chemical-resistant polyurethane sealers can be used on these sealed concrete floors if needed for your area, allowing the floor to be readily washed away from stains that would otherwise cause lasting harm to other flooring systems.

Polished concrete, on the other hand, provides long-term durability as well as densifying, hardening, and dust-proofing properties. Because of its scratch-resistant coating and low maintenance requirements, this system is ideal for high-traffic areas. When properly maintained, it can also last for decades. However, with varied high traffic levels in concrete grinding and sealing, your surface may need to be resealed on a yearly basis. This can be more expensive in the long run than polished concrete in larger settings. When it comes to costs, polished concrete is undeniably more labor demanding, necessitating a larger budget. If you want a polished concrete floor but don’t want to spend a lot of money, a grinding and sealing concrete floor is a good solution.

If you have more questions regarding the matter, you can always contact us. As one of the leading businesses, we promise in RenuCrete to cater to your needs with high efficiency. We offer reliable concrete floor grinding and polishing Sydney, but we are not limited to that, if you want to out other services that we offer, you can contact us on 0410223300.

The Process of Concrete Grinding and Sealing

Depending on the level of quality sought for the concrete finish, the procedures to achieve this flooring can range from a few to numerous intricate steps. The process undergoes five stages, it begins with preparing the floor surface, then proceeds to surface grinding, filling the cracks and holes, cleaning the surface, and lastly surface sealing. To better understand each stage, check the following:

Preparing the floor surface

A new concrete slab may require one sort of surface preparation, while an existing concrete slab may require another. The slab must be cleaned and cleared of any old topping or sealer before a fresh topping aggregate can be installed. The decorative motifs you want to see on the final polished surface can be included in this topping.

Surface grinding

To remove contaminants from the existing slab, the concrete is ground with engineered concrete floor surface grinders. Grinding promotes the adhesion of your concrete to the concrete stain and/or sealer. It is up to a proper judgement to decide how many grinding cycles should be repeated. Increasing the grit number refines the concrete surface to the desired smoothness.

Filling the cracks and holes

Larger holes, divots, and expansion joints that may have formed on the surface as a result of the first grinding process are fixed and filled as needed.

Cleaning the Surface

After that, the surface is thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the last step.

Surface Sealing

A sealer is used to protect and enhance the appearance and durability of your new concrete floor. A sealing solution has been applied to your sealed concrete floor. Your concrete flooring provider will propose the appropriate type of sealer for you based on your floor goals, requirements, and area. Multiple coatings of sealant may be required for softer, more porous concrete, and this type is a regular occurrence in residential areas.


Renucrete have been providing concrete floor grinding and polishing Sydney for years but they offer a lot more than that. They only hire the best of the best and employ professionals that are qualified to do the job. They also provide top-quality service and does not only meet your expectations but exceed them. We use cutting-edge technology and adhere to a strict formula. Our service will provide you with consistent, high-quality, and long-lasting flooring. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Contact us on 0410223300 or visit us at 44 Stirling Avenue, North Rocks, NSW 2151 so we can discuss the best flooring that would answer your needs.

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