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Things To Consider Before Selecting Polished Concrete Floor Supplier

When choosing for suppliers in any field, the most important things to remember are the ones we easily forget. No matter if you’re project or the project you are working on is a commercial construction, contractor, or a residential building you will probably work with a third party or supplier at some point. They are key components to a project success or not. This is true when we think of availing a polished concrete finish. Polished concrete floor supplier should be a reliable, compliant, cost-efficient supplier because a strategic sourcing and direct procurement is very important.

The stakes are high when choosing for a supplier. Here are the things you need to consider before selecting polished concrete floor supplier.



The most obvious but equally one of the most important factors to consider when you are looking for a polished concrete supplier. You will have a figure in your mind as you will know which products you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay. It is important to shop around and see who offers the best deal because prices between suppliers can vary. For instance, some suppliers may offer discounts on bulk-buying or others may offset higher cost with better quality products. You should weigh up all the options when it comes to costs, before deciding which supplier is the best.


It is no surprise that product quality is a major factor to consider when looking for a supplier. There has always been a correlation between cost and quality. We believe that the more expensive the product, the better quality, this might be true to some. Regardless or price, there is still a predetermined agreed level of quality, and you want to be sure that your expectations are met. The last thing you want is ordering the advertised product as high-end, but the supplier send you a completely different product. The physical product and associated aspects are what determines the quality of product. Speak with potential suppliers to ensure that you are fully aware of what they will offer you – you do not want to sign a contract and then be disappointed, this will put the project in jeopardy.


This can be easily viewed by reviews online if they have an official website or through family and friends’ recommendations. Always remember when you choose a supplier you are essentially entering into a long-term relationship with them. Just like any other recruitment process, you will want to see their references. Don’t be afraid to ask for references as it is totally normal and fine that you want to hear from businesses who have worked with specific suppliers in the past, as they can give an honest opinion of what the partnership was like and list down the good and bad points and review all of them.  Your chosen supplier will directly reflect upon your business as well, the client will blame you, not the supplier, if a product or the project is running late or not.


Location is a big factor to consider when choosing polished concrete floor supplier. If you want or working on polished concrete floors Sydney, then you should get polished concrete floor supplier in or near Sydney. If you have built your brand in an area, then you will want to focus on finding a supplier who is located near by and shares your values.


When assessing whether or not they could be a good fit, it is important to question the suppliers’ mission, values, goals and company culture. If it aligns with your values, it is typically a good indication that the partnership will work well. Difference in the mission, values, goals, and culture could potentially lead to conflict and will ruin the project.


When it comes to flooring projects, there are numerous uncertainties and changes that come about which requires flexibility on every party involved. A supplier ability to work with you, maintain flexibility, and respond to change is crucial. Do keep in mind that while it is easy for supplier to make a claim, reviews and past work often say more about how a supplier operates.


It’s not always easy to own up to a mistake you made. But when the condition of your flooring is at stake, partnering with a reputable supplier who is willing to accept responsibility for their part of a transaction can make all the difference in the world. Because of this, accountability for quality concerns should be considered the most important trait of a reliable provider. A supplier who is accountable will accept responsibility for the quality issue and act fast to find a solution to it. They could offer to replace the substandard materials, adopt tougher quality controls, or amend the work instructions in an effort to preclude the same defect from occuring in subsequent production runs. However, a provider who does not accept accountability is more likely to avoid taking blame. They may tell you that the material was of low quality and tough to work with. Alternately, if you engaged an independent auditor to check the quality of the products, the supplier can accuse the auditor of being unqualified or unprofessional. When a supplier refuses to take responsibility for their errors, it can make it more difficult for you to meet deadlines and meet product specifications. When searching for a reliable provider, one of the most important qualities to look for is evidence of accountability.


An excellent provider should always make sure that its records are as up to date as possible. Whether it be with relation to insurance certifications, business economic condition, health and safety, legal policy, or certification programs that have been finished, businesses have a responsibility to ensure that all information is pertinent and is continuously updated. Not only does this make it simpler for the provider to stay on top of their policies and documentation, but it also enables the purchaser to make judgments that are more informed. During the pre-qualification checklist stage, which is a basic requirement for joining communities, collect information on a variety of areas that are pertinent to the industry. Also requires suppliers to undertake regular updates, at a minimum once a year, as a further assurance that this information is all up-to-date, which is something that bidders are extremely interested in.


Try to find polished concrete floor supplier who have been in operation for a considerable amount of time and have a wealth of experience. Stability is essential, particularly if you are embarking into a long term deal with a supplier or if they are the only source of a specific item that your company requires for its operations. Exercise due diligence. Examine the credit report of the vendor to determine whether or not they are in a secure financial position. It is in everyone’s best interest to enquire about references from companies that have previously utilised the services of a given provider.


Does the supplier have the ability to deliver high-quality goods on a consistent basis? Inquiring about the length of time they have spent working with their past clients provides a solid foundation for making this determination. If they have maintained long-term connections with other customers, it is an encouraging sign that they have been able to consistently provide over the course of time.


Your company’s culture is very vital to the success of your business, and you should expect the same from your suppliers. Trustworthy businesses uphold ideals such as promptness, quality, superiority, originality, and dependability in their operations, and you should be certain that the same can be said about the providers of your goods and services.


When the polished concrete floor supplier‘s financial situation is healthy, they are in a better position to successfully meet the demands of their customers. Ask for evidence that they have strong financial standing, and check that they are capable of weathering any economic storms that may come their way.


Examine the capabilities of polished concrete floor supplier in light of your requirements. Meeting with account heads or representatives personally can offer you an even deeper look into the genuine expertise of the supplier. The majority of these service lists are published on their webpages or in brochures, but you can also find them on their own domains. It will also be of great assistance if you can gather intelligence from other customers who are like you.


A production audit is one means of checking a company’s production capacity, but there is also another method that is often easier to carry out. Before beginning production on a large scale, you should ideally conduct supplier audits and evaluate product samples.

Before moving further with the production of the product in bulk quantities, you should consult with your supplier and request that they offer you a product sample for your approval. Using this information, you can verify whether or not the factory’s production output fulfils the specifications for your product. You may have the option of sending the sample to a facility for further testing and verification.

Golden samples are available at a reasonable cost; normally, you will only be responsible for paying the price of production and delivery for one or more units. In addition, if you are dealing with a company that provides third-party inspections, the company can frequently conduct local reviews of samples for you to save you time.


The most common places polished concrete is used include:

Large warehouses and warehouse outlets

It is commonly used at warehouses since constant in and out of heavy cargo happen every day and polished concrete can withstand heavy traffic and does not break. They are very durable that is why its option that many business owners prefer.

Retail stores

It is also common in retail stores because of heavy foot traffic that normal concrete or tiled floors cannot withstand. Also, with the constant moving of boxes and heavy loads they are perfect to work with.

Hotels and restaurants

Not only are these places heavy with foot traffic they are also places that needs cleaning all the time. They are preferred by restaurant owners and businessmen because they are easy to clean and offer less maintenance than any other floor options saving them a lot of trouble and of course money.

Office buildings

Heavy foot traffic from employees and clients. Big scope for the maintenance staff that is why polished concrete is a great option to use because they require minimal maintenance and keep the professional and elegant appeal.

Auto showrooms

Cars, trucks and machines come and go and are always exposed to water, heat, dirt and many more. Since polished concrete does not have open spaces, they are durable and no water seeps through it they provide the best options for buildings like these.

Private residences

Due its sleek looking and benefits, they not only provide beauty but value to every homeowner who wishes to put on polished concrete finish.


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