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Benefits of Having a Burnished Concrete Floor Finish

Have you ever considered refinishing your floors to give them a fresh luster and shining appearance? Or is it possible that you’re merely experiencing the need to update those ten-year-old tiles and uneven flooring in your residence or corporate? When it comes to virtually every section of a workplace or a household, efficient floor upkeep and construction are essential and indispensable considerations. Floors are an essential component of interior design, as they contribute to the overall aesthetic value of a property’s general appearance, while also conveying a sense of refinement. Many homeowners and company owners, when it comes to outfitting or developing a place, get caught up in the trap of focusing simply on the ceilings and walls, completely overlooking the ground beneath their feet. That is something you do not want to neglect about or brush aside. The flooring of a room acts as both the foundation and the finishing layer of the area. When it comes to interior design, high-quality flooring brings everything together by tying all of the other components, such as cabinetry and wall ornaments, collectively. Because of this, it is really imperative that your floors in companies and even at home are installed properly – whether you prefer carpeting, hardwood, or tiled flooring. There will always be foot traffic in your business, and that movement will bring with it dust, grime, and other allergens that can impair the operations of your business as well as its aesthetic appeal. Assuring that your flooring is in good shape and will offer you with visual satisfaction is only half of the equation when it comes to making a positive first impression on people that enter your building’s lobby. Depending on the nature of your firm, flooring may or may not be advantageous to your operations, or, even worse, it may be negative and cause you to lose money along the way. As a result, it is here that the burnished concrete floor finish takes over the show.

Burnished Concrete Floor Finish

Concrete that has been burnished is standard concrete that has been troweled more than twice to make the concrete surface hard-wearing, with a durable finish and a high level of surface sheen. It is mostly employed in the construction of residential and commercial structures. Many customers are perplexed as to the contrast between burnished concrete and other highly regarded finishes. After all, the procedure appears to be pretty similar to one another. Concrete burnishers, also known as power trowels or helicopters are mechanical tools that rotate in a manner similar to that of a concrete grinding machine. The similarities, however, end there.

Burnishers are incapable of grinding down a concrete surface due to their lack of power. Instead, they’re used to heat, melt, and buff a coating that has been placed to a surface, as opposed to removing it. When the chemical coating, which is commonly a wax-based substance, is applied to a concrete surface, it melts into the pores of the concrete surface and seals it. The application may include integral or disseminated surface dry shake colorants, colorant dyes, and/or staining as part of the overall design.

When burnishing concrete, a densifier can be used to impart some of the characteristics of mechanical finishes, such as shine, durability, and toughness, to the surface, allowing it to mimic the appearance of mechanical finishes. However, it is quite easy to do it wrong, and if you mess up the installation, it will not look nearly as wonderful as you had hoped it would appear.

Types of Burnished Concrete Floor Finish

1. Burnishing with a Steel Trowel

Trowelling is the technique that is utilised in this approach to get the desired level of surface shine. This can be accomplished through trowelling by hand or through trowelling using a machine. The process of burnishing concrete is affected by a wide variety of parameters, including the time of placing of the concrete, the slump, the compaction, the finishing procedures, and the curing.

To obtain a uniform and high-quality finish, it is imperative that certain characteristics of the concrete be stringently enforced. In general, the strength of the concrete ought to be at least 32 MPa in order to guarantee that there is adequate fine material available to accomplish a satisfactory surface finish.

2. Burnishing using Waxes or Resins

This particular method of burnishing involves applying waxes and resins to the surface of the concrete floor in the form of toppings in order to bring out its shine. In addition to floor waxes and liquid polishes, resin-based coating treatments and liquid floor polishes can be utilised to achieve a burnished sheen.

These are multi-layer treatments that, following the prescribed amount of time for curing, are burnished or polished with polishing equipment. The quality of the coating substance, the concrete density, and the technique of burnishing all play a role in determining the degree of lustre that can be attained.

Benefits of Burnished Concrete Floor Finish


The longevity and strength of a burnished concrete floor finish cannot be overstated. It can easily handle the weight of considerable foot traffic and equipment. It is nearly impossible to peel, scrape, or otherwise damage polished concrete floors Sydney because of the high gloss sheen that they have. Aside from being resistant to substances such as alkalis and acids, which would ordinarily cause corrosion on untreated concrete floors, burnished polished concrete floors that have been finished are also resistant to abrasion.


In business environments, burnished concrete floor finish has the ability to reflect light, allowing for the most efficient use of available light sources. A better environment for your employees and visitors reduces the cost of energy bills while also increasing safety and projecting the best possible image of your company to visitors and employees.


A properly built, sealed, and maintained burnished concrete floor finish can last for more than a hundred years provided it is properly cared for.

Easy Upkeep

Because the surface is smooth and even, it is very simple to maintain. It is necessary to exercise caution so that dust does not gather on the surface.


Water will not be able to penetrate a properly polished surface.

Long-Term Savings

In comparison to other kinds of floors, burnished concrete floor finish is not as easily damaged as other kinds of floors. Because it does not require replacement, you will not have to spend any additional money on it in the future. Plus, you save more on upkeep.

More Resilient in the Face of Traffic

Burnished concrete floor finish provides an additional layer of defense against damage caused by foot activity as well as vehicle traffic. When compared to other floor coatings, it will be able to handle a greater amount of foot traffic over time.

Sustainable and Kind to the Environment

Burnished concrete floor finish is an excellent alternative because they do not require the use of any potentially harmful coatings or adhesives. In addition to this, because it does not make use of any chemicals in the process of maintenance and cleaning, it is able to preserve a positive relationship with the natural world over time.

Excellent for Any and All Properties

You may get burnished concrete floor finish incorporated in any property you own, so don’t worry about that aspect. It works wonderfully for all types of structures and may be implemented in any location that has concrete.

How do You Achieve a Good Burnished Concrete Floor Finish?

Burnishing has been a common practice for the maintenance of business floors for many years. It is a better bargain to other flooring options, in addition to being long-lasting and simple to clean and maintain. On the other hand, aesthetics was not at all taken into account when designing these business floors. Burnishing’s aesthetically pleasing qualities are attracting an increasing number of customers in today’s market. You may achieve a shine that is comparable to that of polishing, and many clients prefer the distinctive colour variety that you can achieve.

However, burnished finishes are notoriously difficult to get well. Before the burnishing can begin, the concrete slab needs to be correctly poured, completed, and cleaned. If you try to take shortcuts during this stage, you will end up with unsightly flooring.

A concrete installer will first use a power scraper to create a surface with a luster that is comparable to that of other types of concrete before burnishing the surface. This eliminates footprints and any other marks that may have been left on the concrete before it settles. Because unequal trowelling will result in an uneven floor, it is essential to employ the services of an experienced concrete installer while burnishing the concrete. When the floor is finished, even the tiniest imperfections in the surface, such as dips or bumps, will be very obvious.

When the cement is poured, it has a tendency to create slabs with darker centres and lighter edges, so this is another consideration to make. When burnishing a wide area, you run the risk of ending up with a floor that looks patchy: the floor may be lighter in some spots and darker in others. Inexperienced installers have been responsible for many botched burnishing attempts, which have resulted in unsightly floors and dissatisfied homeowners.

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