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Benefits of Epoxy Coatings For Concrete Floors

Have ever walked past a commercial building and gazed in awe at its well-structured and appealing architectural design? Sure, it’s easy for us to recognize things that stimulate a sense of creativity and talent, and one that intrigues our unfamiliarity, regardless if it truly serves an optimal function or not. Most times, we notice every nook and cranny of an infrastructure layout, but we tend to overlook the principal element of that industrial space—the floorings. But who said floors can’t be both fully-functional and aesthetically appealing at the same time? With epoxy coatings for concrete floors , you could step up your game in revamping your outdated area while ensuring a well-fortified flooring.

Epoxy coatings for concrete floors have gone mainstream nowadays. From industrial, commercial, or even residential spaces, you name it, epoxy floor coatings have it all covered with its favourable impression in the global market and its competence in durability and sustainability, down from concrete surfaces, office floors, driveways, and basically the list goes on.

What then is Epoxy Floor Coatings in a nutshell?

Epoxy is a term that refers to a mixture of hardeners, resins and other additives. The combination of these ingredients generates a chemical reaction. When this reaction settles, a rigid plastic substance comprised of densely linked cross-polymer structures is formed. This material adheres well to most base layers, resulting in a sturdy and long-lasting floor.

Epoxy coatings for concrete floors professionals use a liquid epoxy to seal concrete floors. The liquid then solidifies into a sleek, epoxy flooring. Due to the porous nature of concrete, the epoxy coating Sydney adheres to the base layer, resulting in a solid and smooth epoxy finish concrete surface. The epoxy floor coating, however, may only be applied by qualified personnel. Hiring epoxy flooring experts boosts your simple investment into its maximum potential productivity, without having to redo your floorings again in a short scale of time.

Now to give you a glimpse, these are some of the notable benefits of epoxy floor coatings:

Aesthetic Value and Versatility in Design Options

Epoxy coatings for concrete floors exudes elegance and sophistication no matter how casual-appealing your space is. You could never go wrong with its gleaming glossy look that speaks luxury without squandering tons of funds. The choice of finish is also up to you, which gives rise to its claim on versatility to match any design of your liking. You could opt for a colour palette that suits the interior layout of your establishment or just go for that aesthetic on the mainstream chart. With the wide selection of finishes you can choose from— metallic, abstract, flake, marble and stone mimic, polished colours and a lot more, you will never run out of unique ways to pique an aesthetic appeal of your choice in the comfort your homes and even in your large-scale establishments.

Chemical Resistant

One of the main reasons epoxy floor coatings are so popular in garages and the automobile sector is because they are resistant to oil, gasoline, bleach, transmission fluid, cleaners, and other chemicals. Epoxy coatings for concrete floors is heat and water resistant in addition to chemical spills/cleaners. Most chemical spills are almost immune to them, which is why the coating remains unaffected and undamaged even through repetitive courses of exposure and direct contact. This attribute inclines to the aforementioned versatility of epoxy coatings for concrete floors, not only in design options, but also with its capability to withstand all sorts of austere conditions, while still remaining intact and fully-functional.


In reference to its chemical resistance, one outstanding property of epoxy floor coatings is its ability to also sustain itself from the wear and tear caused by force or impacts on the surface. It is unlikely that epoxy will need to be reapplied for an extended period of time after the first installation. Because of its resilience to shock, water, and even stains, the coating lasts considerably better than tile, carpet, and hardwood flooring. It has even better granted longevity than any sort of conventional flooring scheme. Because of the durability and protective properties of epoxy, the appearance of the material will remain as intact as it was upon its first application, down to a lengthy period of time.

Cost- Effectivity

When compared to the expenditures of breaking down existing flooring, installing new slates and further revisions in setup, epoxy is a more economical option. Even better, your existing flooring material does not need to be dismantled, saving you the time & expense associated with a costly replacement. If you opt for an epoxy finish for your flooring, you won’t have to go through any time-consuming and invasive procedures. Preserve your existing floor and save money on installation costs while enjoying a sleek and gleaming modern feel.

Epoxy flooring is a realistic alternative for preparing garages and basements for long-term satisfaction if you want to install a floor that will not require replacement on a regular basis throughout time. The long-term durability of the coating application also contributes to the lessen expenditure of the process.

Eco- Friendly

Not only does epoxy flooring contribute meaningfully to establishment and residential owners, but it also has its fair share of contributions to the environment at large.  The amount of time spent making epoxy coatings for concrete floors is shorts, and the resources utilized are free of possible lethal elements. Retaining the brightness and dirt-free quality of your epoxy flooring does not demand the use of abrasive and damaging chemicals. Also, because of the increased illumination that an epoxy surface generates, big industrial and commercial facilities do not need to use additional lighting, resulting in energy reductions.

And as aforementioned, because epoxy coating Sydney is long-lasting, you won’t have to worry about renewing it for many years, which implies less waste overall. Finally, because it helps to prevent the normal wear and tear on your vehicles, you will not have to replace tires and other metal equipment as frequently, which will result in less contribution to pollution and shortage of materials.

Choosing the Flake Colours for your Epoxy Coating Sydney

Epoxy coatings for concrete floors are quite popular for industrial and commercial flooring. There happens to be a variety of epoxy that may be used on floors which include self-dispersing coatings, gravelled coatings, self-levelling coating, mortar coatings, vapour barrier coatings, terrazzo coatings, and antistatic coatings. Each type of these coatings will offer a distinct advantage and disadvantage when it is compared to others.


Epoxy is an adhesive, paint, plastic or other material that is created as a polymer of epoxides. It is describe coatings that are created from two components, meaning, a combination mix of two different chemicals, referred to as resin. There are many benefits that come with using an epoxy coatings for concrete floors, compared to using other types of resins for flooring. Most importantly, epoxy is known to be the highest strength resin in the industry. They offer the strongest bond between the resin and reinforcement and allow for the construction of the lightest part and most durable modules.

An epoxy coating Sydney is a coating compound consisting of two distinct elements: an epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener. When mixed, the resin and the hardener engage in a chemical reaction that creates cross-linking of the elements as it cures. When the epoxy coatings for concrete floors is fully cured, the resulting product is a durable, rigid plastic coating with numerous desirable mechanical properties.


Colour flake, also known as Decorative Flake, Colour Chips, Vinyl Colour Chips, or Fleck are specially formulated polymer paint aggregates utilized to improve the aesthetic attributes or resinous flooring systems. It is made up of a combination of acrylic and vinyl resins and generally composed of resin materials, organic minerals, additives and various pigments. The thickness of a thin flake is typically 4 – 5 mils. Colour flake product is random in shape, sized within a standardized range, and can be also custom blended to reach optimal appearance and texture qualities with a resinous flooring system and math any décor.



Unlike traditional epoxy flooring and other options, decorative colour flakes are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and styles that can be customized to enhance any décor. Let your passions run wild by observing creativity and individuality with a custom flake floor. Incorporate colour schemes from surrounding construction materials and blend them to unite the design characteristics of your environments. Either set dissimilar colours at opposite ends of the spectrum to make a dramatic effect. Or include calming subtlety by pairing similar colours adjacent to one another on the spectrum.


Colour flake manufacturers have carefully customized many colour blends to suit the aesthetic and ergonomic requirements of the most challenging flooring environments. Explore these thoughtfully arranged decorative flake blends to locate a colour layout that complements your décor. Don’t settle for the status quo and don’t hesitate to make the most of our unique visualization design tool by altering any of these blends to find the best blend for your space.


You don’t need to worry about basecoat colour if you have selected the full broadcast system. If partial coverage is picked, make sure you choose a basecoat colour that matches the colours of your flakes and suits surrounding environments.



Resinous flooring systems provide superior chemical and abrasion resistance over pre-engineered floors.


Enhance your high-performance flooring environment by adding custom color and texture to complement any decor.


Colour Flakes resinous flooring systems provide a cost effective alternative to pre-engineered floors.


Colour Flakes resinous flooring media provides and orange-peel texture that increases the slip-resistance and safety.


Resinous flooring systems are wax free and economical to upkeep with soap and water.


Resinous flooring provides a seamless flow of wall to wall beauty that doesn’t not collect dirt, moisture, or germs.


Resinous flooring systems provide a seamless and flexible surface that deadens the noise of foot traffic and carts.


After years of use, efficiently revitalize your resinous flooring system by standing the surface and applying a new topcoat.


1. Colour Flakes are random in shape to provide optimal aesthetics.

2. The colour pigments used in Colour Flakes are UV stable, however, the specifications for the UV stability and environmental durability of your coating system will determine outdoor suitability.

Although this may seem to be up to, it is always good to seek advice from epoxy flooring experts as they know much better than us. Epoxy coatings for concrete floors provides numerous benefits for you and your home or business. Here at Renucrete, we provide wide ranges of services and our product goes beyond your expectations.

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