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Prolonging the Life of your Garage with Flake Epoxy Garage Floor

High traffic areas like concreted warehouses and garages collect dirt, grease and dust over time and this sometimes create problems in the future. This does not have to be the case all the time for young residential or commercial space, with flake epoxy garage floor offering the perfect mix of durability from the epoxy coating and decoration from the flakes.


Flake epoxy garage floor provides an attractive and protective floor covering for your high-traffic flooring needs. Flake epoxy garage floors are able to withstand heavy traffic settings because they have superior stain and UV resistance and that makes them not only limited to garage flooring. These protective floor coating systems can be applied to residential and commercial kitchens, corporate buildings and industrial floor settings like manufacturing facilities and large-scale warehouses.

Garage epoxy flooring is achieved with heavy-duty floor coating systems that cure to full strength in a short period of time while being flexible enough to bridge small cracks and can withstand high temperatures when cured. When the right conditions are met, epoxy garage floor systems provide immediate flooring solutions while still being extremely cost-effective.

Sometimes it is the only choice when you have extremely damaged concrete with many cracks and spalls. In fact, epoxy flooring is hygienic and durable epoxy flake flooring is decorative coating, seamless, and even customizable.


Flake epoxy garage floor offers a visually appealing and durable coating for high-traffic, concreted areas such as warehouses, garages and driveways. This type of floor coating can be altered to suit your desired purpose or aesthetic because of the range of colours and chip sizes and textures it has.

It is a great option when concrete surfaces need a much-needed boost. Epoxy floor coating improves its appearance and durability no matter if its stained, old, tired-looking concrete, they will benefit from this application. What is more, it offers a stain, scratch and chemical resistant surface, as it can be applied with no joins, resulting in a seamless application.

Flake Epoxy Garage Flooring


The cost will depend on the size of the surface you want to be coated and the current condition of the concrete. So if you are planning to get quotes from reputable coating companies, ensure you let them know if there are cracks, stains or bumps in the concrete, as this will need to be factored into the time required to prep, before the coating is applied.


Caring for it is quite simple due to the durability and hard-wearing nature of flake and epoxy floor coatings but there are some key ways to ensure your floor coating lasts for years to come.

  • Once installed, do not allow people to walk on the newly coated surface for at least 24 hours. It takes up to 7 days to reach optimal hardness.
  • Remove any spills immediately. The flake floor coating is stain and water-resistant, but cleaning regularly will help to minimise wear over time.
  • Use gentle cleaning products and mops to clean the coated floors.
  • If your flake floor incurs any damage, get it fixed straight away to avoid additional damage.


Epoxy flooring experts will help you from the planning until the finished product. They will guide you what is best and what to do before, during and after the process. Choosing the best company to guide you through the process is very important. You need to make sure that they are knowledgeable and only hire experts. A long history with good customer feedback is also an important matter to look into as this will determine what kind of service they offer and how they treat their clients. Here at Renucrete, we provide world class service and provide only the best to our clients.

Flake epoxy garage floor is the most common and the number one option for everyone trying to fix or is looking for options on how to create stable flooring for a high traffic area in their home or in their business. Epoxy coating Sydney is now growing and will still be growing as it provides durability and is cost-effective.

Here’s everything you need to know about flake epoxy garage floors

Flake epoxy flooring is a very type of flooring. Often, you’ll notice it inside a mall or office space. They have a flake design and are usually aesthetically pleasing. If you want this same beauty on your garage floor, then you’re on the right page. We’ll dig deep into everything about flake epoxy garage floors. Let’s begin.

What is Epoxy Flake Garage Flooring? 

Flake epoxy garage floors are perfect for industrial uses. The most common ones are garage floor coating and other outdoor surfaces. 

Before digging into the subject, let’s first define “epoxy flooring”. Flake epoxy garage floor has multiple lays of epoxy on your garage that has a depth of at least two millimetres. Many people are confused about the difference between epoxy coating and epoxy flooring. But, here’s a simple rule of thumb.

  • Epoxy coating – It’s usually less than two millimetres thick. 
  • Epoxy flooring – Two millimetres thick or more.

Meanwhile, flake epoxy flooring is a type of epoxy flooring that’s seamless to look out. Coloured flake materials are added to the epoxy. This creates a vibrant and multi-hued look to the finish. However, this type of flooring isn’t limited to its aesthetic appeal. It’s functional, too. The flakes and subtle grooves to the flooring, hence reducing any slips and falls. 

Aside from being used as garage flooring, it can also be used for locker rooms, clinics, sports venues, showrooms, malls, commercial kitchens, offices and more.

Benefits of Epoxy Flake Garage Flooring

The reason why flake epoxy stands out so much is because of the following.

Highly customizable

This type of flooring can come in a variety of colours, styles, sizes and textures. So if you want a flake epoxy flooring that’s unique to you, then you can totally have that. 

It’s sustainable

This type of flooring has very low VOC. And because it requires minimal repairs, you won’t need to change your garage flooring for a long time.

It’s decorative for any surface

Would you like your garage to look brighter? You can magnify the effects of natural sunlight on your garage with epoxy flooring. Also, they are available in a multitude of styles and colours. They are easily adaptable to any garage style.

It’s resistant to high levels of wear and tear

The high resistance of flake epoxy flooring can make sure your investments are worth it. They are robust and will resist heavy foot traffic and moderate vehicle traffic. That’s why they’re so perfect for your garage.

It’s a long-lasting flooring option

It is possible to extend the lifespan of a concrete floor by coating it with epoxy flake. It can be used to cover cracks and other imperfections in concrete surfaces that are detrimental to the aesthetics of the floor. Maintenance is easy with epoxy flake since it is hard-wearing. This kind of floor coating will save you money when you renovate your garage floor.

Maintaining it is easy

Despite low maintenance needs, epoxy flake flooring retains its hardy characteristics and quality. Water cannot enter epoxy flake coatings since they are impermeable. Unlike other types of flooring, this type is not sensitive to moisture. You wouldn’t need to repair this flooring very often.

It can be applied quickly

The installation of this type of flooring is relatively quick. This is the best solution if you need your garage quickly. The installation of flake epoxy flooring can be completed even before you realize it. This is especially true if done by professionals. The process is not time-consuming. All you need to do is remove the existing floor finish.

Flake Epoxy Flooring Vs Other Flooring Types and Enhancements

Below, you can compare flake epoxy to the other type of flooring for your garage. 

  • Flake epoxy flooring – It’s very resistant to damage. It’s also resistant to chemicals, dropped items, heavy items and water. It is one of its main strengths, making it perfect for garage flooring.  It’s just durable and has better longevity. 
  • Tile flooring – This on the other hand can be made of ceramic or stone. Like flake epoxy flooring, you can style it in various ways. However, it can break because of dropped objects. It also requires a lot of maintenance. 
  • Concrete paint – This on the other hand can boost the appearance of your concrete garage floor. But, it can wear away, peel off and chip. It needs regular touch ups and repainting. 
  • Garage floor rolls – This one is made of vinyl or rubber. It’s easier to install than flake epoxy. It doesn’t even require an adhesive. However, the finish can be slippery when wet. 

How to do Flake Epoxy Garage Flooring

If you’re planning to do your own flake epoxy flooring, or you’re just plain curious, then this section is right for you. Here is the step by step of making flake epoxy garage floors. 

  • Prepare the surface – Most DIYers make the mistake of sanding the surface or using DIY kits. However, this can result to plugging in the pores of concrete rather than opening the surface for a successful installation. An experienced professional knows how to use diamond grinders and shot-blasting to prepare the concrete. 
  • Distribute the flake aesthetically – Now, it’s time for you to add a bit of slip resistance. Toss a handful of flakes from a bucket onto wet floor. Do this as if you’re scattering birdseed. 
  • Ensure floor strength – Make sure you have a high performing, safe, and easy to maintain flooring. To do this, use industrial grade floor coatings. This must contain 95-100% solids. 

DIY vs Getting an Expert

Doing it yourself can save you money. And it’s also best if you don’t mind the trial and error. 

However, hiring an expert can offer benefits as well. Some of these benefits are access to high grade epoxy flooring coatings, high quality finish and access to high end equipment. At Renucrete, you will find everything from simple coating to the best options we can provide.

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