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How Did Concrete Grinding Polishing Services Evolve From the Time It Existed

Concrete grinding and polishing Sydney offers a ton of benefits – from stain resistant surface, creating a stain-resistant surface, reducing maintenance needs, and being a cost-effective flooring option.

In our many years in the industry, we’ve witnessed how concrete grinding polishing transformed the homes and businesses of our clients. And over the years, we also saw how concrete grinding and polishing Sydney evolved with the materials and methods used.

If you’re ready to learn more about its evolution, to understand how far we’ve come and how further we can still go in terms of concrete grinding polishing, then keep reading.

The History of Concrete that Served as Foundation to Concrete Grinding Polishing

Concrete grinding and polishing Sydney was a result of various evolutions of concrete that sparked the idea of “polishing.” This means the idea wouldn’t have existed without the various evolutions in the concrete industry that led to it. 

Thus, here are some of the evolution in the earlier years in the world of cementitious material that soon established the foundation for concrete grinding polishing.

6,500 B.C.The first concrete-like buildings were made, setting the stage for enhanced techniques over the years. The Bedouins created historical concrete structures set in modern-day Jordan and Syria
700 BCDuring this time, Bedouins developed kilns for creating mortar using cement that hardens underwater. This mortar was used to build floors, houses, and other structures.
1825Chalk, clay, and limekiln were mixed together by Joseph Aspdin to create “Portland” concrete.
1950sThe process of stamping concrete was started by Brad Bowman and a group of mixers. Decorative concrete floors began to emerge with colours, designs, and patterns incorporated into them.

The Beginning of Concrete Grinding Polishing

Back as far as 9000 BC, “terrazzo,” a decorative form of concrete was used in Western Asia in Neolithic Buildings.

What did they use to protect and add lustre? They used milk and bees waxed.

As concrete dates back long before the Greeks and Romans built their renowned structures, polished concrete was only fully realized in the early 1990s. Tunisian workers had the idea to polish concrete when they were asked to dry it. The result? The first ever polished concrete, which became one of the most popular and in-demand flooring options to this date.

Materials and Tools for Concrete Grinding Polishing Continue to Develop

Over time, concrete grinding polishing continue to evolve as machinery for grind and seal become more advanced and innovative.

Today, architects, designers, and homeowners can now choose virtually any finish they want.

Due to its strength, durability, and beauty, polished concrete, one of the strongest materials known to man has become the most popular flooring material.

Here’s a quick overview of how concrete grinding polishing evolved in the recent decades:

Late 1997 Materials for Concrete Grinding Polishing Services

Retroplate fills in pores and chemically reacts, resulting in hard and dense flooring. Its first formulation didn’t happen until late 1997 or early 1998, though the labels were designed in 1999.

At the same time, various customisation of polished concrete wasn’t available or widespread. Limited earth-tone polished flooring styles and colours were the only available options.

2000s Equipment for Concrete Grinding Polishing Services

In the early 2000s, the equipment often used is a homemade go-cart adapted from stone restoration and floor-cleaning industry called “Rude Goldberg design.” Manufacturers were just beginning to visualize equipment made solely for concrete floor grinding and polishing services.

Much of the equipment were borrowed from other industries, including surface prep, stone restoration, and cleaning industries. Because of this, there wasn’t quite a “perfect fit” equipment for concrete grinding Sydney and concrete polishing Sydney. The sizes of the equipment, speed and pressures, were not optimal.

For example, equipment from the cleaning industry, though having the size and ride-on capability, lacked the head pressure and torque to effectively grind the concrete.

Concrete Grinding Polishing Services Today

The Evolution of its Applications

Initially, concrete grinding and polishing Sydney was used only for industrial applications, mainly repairing dusting and spalling concrete. Today, the industry now focuses on creating functional, stylish, and sustainable flooring options.


While concrete grinding polishing services first adapted various equipment from other industries, today we now have around 20 legitimate equipment manufacturers.


Initially, we had sodium-based densifiers. Today, we have various options, including sodium, potassium, and lithium-based densifiers, silicates, siliconates, and blends.

Development of Diamond Technology

With diamond grinding, the microporosity of concrete surfaces becomes completely sealed.  This gives you mirror-polished flooring that becomes a more cost-effective alternative to high-quality granite.

Over the years, diamond technology continues to progress quickly. For example, the matrices for holding the diamonds were improved specifically for grinding and polishing. The technology evolved to have diamonds for wet or dry concrete polishing options. Lastly, some diamonds were developed to be “pad based” which means they result in a more efficient and effective polishing process.

Development of Dyes

At first, polished concrete can only have various earth-tone colours. Today, we now have various dyes with different colours, dry shake hardeners and acid stains. There are now more options for customization that will surely match the taste of property owners.

Upsides of Concrete Floor Grinding and Polishing Sydney


Surfaces floors that have undergone concrete grinding polishing provide all of the attributes of cementitious material, including an increased level of resilience. Even in high density areas, polished concrete floors stay up well because they do not tarnish, chip, or discolour with time. This makes them an excellent investment. Concrete grinding and polishing Sydney remove the requirement for time-consuming and unsightly waxing as well as the necessity for frequent resurfacing.

Simple in its Upkeep

When concrete floor grinding and polishing Sydney is employed, a resilient surface is created. This surface will survive for a significantly longer time than other surfaces, such as stone slate or vinyl. The only upkeep that is necessary for polished concrete floors is the regular sweeping or mopping to eliminate dirt or particles from the surface. Other than that, they require very minimal maintenance. In addition, concrete grinding and polishing floors may require refinishing every five to ten years, based on the amount of foot traffic they receive, in order to maintain their sheen and beauty. Nevertheless, even this procedure is speedy and calls for very little waiting time.

Cost – Effective

Concrete floor grinding and polishing Sydney can generate a spectacular finish that has the appearance of marble or other materials that are significantly more expensive. The grind and polish of concrete, on the other hand, may be done quickly and at a low cost when likened to the price of assembly and the materials for the many other types of flooring.

Aesthetic Appeal

The innate artistry of any form of cementitious material can be brought out through concrete floor grinding and polishing Sydney. Additionally, when concrete pigments are put over glossy concrete, they can offer the appearance of luxury polished stone such as marble or granite. This effect is achieved by the reflection of light off the surface of the surface. 

Sustainable and Kind to the Environment

Concrete floor grinding and polishing Sydney a treatment that is both economical and kind to the environment. This is due to a number of factors, some of which include the modest limit of waste that is generated during installation, its long-lasting attributes, and the capacity of polished concrete to optimise the efficiency of the indoor air by lessening or avoiding dust, mould, and mildew. All of these factors contribute to this phenomenon.

Surface with a High Gloss and Reflection

When concrete floors are ground down and polished, the result is a surface with a high sheen that reflects light. Even in big structures, such as storage facilities or factories, this can result in the establishment of a stable place and contribute to a reduction in the costs associated with lighting.

Process Time

In general, providing an accurate estimation of the amount of time involved in concrete floor grinding and polishing Sydney is tricky. The average amount of time needed to complete a concrete grind and polish for an existing slab is between three to five days. If there is a new pour involved, then that figure might be adjusted downward. Nevertheless, there are a lot of other factors involved. The duration of the process is dependent on a variety of additional factors, including the following:

  • The dimensions and configuration of the floorspace that is under consideration
  • The requirement for a sealing finish
  • Any essential finishing touches
  • Possible upkeep measures work that needs to be implemented

The Expenses Involved in Concrete Floor Grinding and Polishing in Sydney

The cost of concrete floor grinding and polishing Sydney is far less expensive per square metre than the expense of installing a new surface. It is also possible for it to be less expensive than other forms of flooring that are considered to be cheap, such as tile and carpet. However, due to the numerous factors at play, there is no one pricing that can be considered standard for the service. The following are some of the potential contributors to the total cost:

Equipment and Staff

Concrete grinders that are able to mechanically grind down your existing external concrete floor is going to be required for every job that involves grinding and polishing concrete. This technique can require considerably more or substantially less time and money depending on the quality of the surface that is already there. The surface of a floor that is reasonably undamaged may only require a few millimeters of grinding, whereas the surface of a floor that is more heavily damaged will require further labour.

Options for the Design

When you go with concrete floor grinding and polishing Sydney finish, you can choose from a wide variety of different options. You are standing on the threshold of an infinite number of artistic opportunities. You have the ability to customise the appearance of the final product down to the smallest detail, including the hue, the aggregate, and even the gloss. The total cost of the project will be affected as a direct result of these decisions.

On-site Constraints

There are some areas that are much simpler to work on than others. A site that is particularly difficult to construct on can result in inefficiencies and difficulties, both of which can have an effect on the cost of concrete floor grinding and polishing Sydney. The cost of the grind and polish will go up if, for instance, the location is difficult to reach or if the surface needs repairs before the operation can proceed.

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