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7 Reasons Polished Overlay is Good for Your Home

Polished overlay is a type of decorative concrete overlay that can transform any ordinary and boring flooring into a beautiful new one. It covers unsightly floors that may have been damaged overtime or perhaps due to an accident. These are popular options for stores and sub urban homes. But are these polished overlay floors better than other flooring options? Here are some reasons why polished overlay is good for your home.



Polished concrete overlay floors permanently bind with concrete for a better seal unlike paint that eventually peels. Water or even air cannot get below the epoxy to compromise the adhesion and cause problems in the future. You can get more years of service out of your polished concrete floors as this permanent bond last longer.


Polished overlay can withstand UV damage unlike most substances that are susceptible to sun damage. Your floor will continue looking like new for years to come because it is not likely to fade in the sunlight. Unsightly stains are avoided because the non-porous finish won’t absorb liquids. You just need to wipe it up and clean the area with a little water to keep it looking sharp is something spills on the floor.


You probably were not given a choice about the color of your garage or basement floor when you bought your home. While you may be happy with the basic grey color of concrete, you certainly don’t have to settle for that. Polished overlay floors come in an incredible range of colors and designs. With the use of blue that matches the sky on a clear, summer day can make your courtyard way more welcoming. Your garage floor or even the foyer of your business can also have colors that look like granite or marble if you want a more upscale finish on walkways.


Polished overlay floors are very to care for with the waterproof finish. The burden of peeling like paint, falling apart tiles or stain like concrete are gone. You just have to mop it with a damp sponge to pick up any residue once the floor is swept. There is no need to spend time scrubbing with degreasers or other concrete cleaners because the surface won’t absorb dirt and stains. Keeping your floor clean and attractive will be easier than ever before when you invest in the right coating and finish.


You may save thousands of dollars and avoid spending on flooring repairs since polished overlay floors can often be installed over existing flooring. You just need to hire floor experts or contractors to make sure your concrete floor is prepared and good for the project to proceed. This might stop you from having the need to replace a concrete slab that would fail within years if it were left exposed.


The polished overlay attribute is one of the best features of epoxy flooring because while pinch-points and bottlenecks are the most dangerous aspects of an industrial workplace, a simple slip and fall can also be devastating. Epoxy forgoes the slick or slippery surface of some concretes: it can be mixed with gravel, sand, aluminum oxide or other additives with distinguished grip properties.


Although epoxy resins are derived from petroleum, switching to a matte polished concrete floor can help you reduce your overall carbon emissions. Long service life means you won’t have to buy or apply products that might have more direct environmental consequences, such as heavy paints.

There is a lot of polished overlay floor options to choose from, it depends on what you are looking for. Here are the options that you and choose from:

1. Staining

Any acid or water-based stains can impart rich color to concrete surfaces. Stains are translucid and enhance, rather than conceal the surface. Acid-based stains are commonly limited to earth-tones, while water-based stains have a wide-range color palette.

2. Dyes and other topical colors

Dyes can provide more vibrant colors, like yellow, purple, or blue and can be mixed and blended for color matching or custom blends. These substances are available in water and solventbased formulas.

3. Stenciling

The use stencils will let you to add appealing, yet economical, color and texture to indoor concrete surfaces. The possibilities are endless now with hundreds of patterns at one’s disposal, and the capacity to create custom stencils.

4. Polishing

The optimum no-wax floor, polished concrete offers significant value and is a superior, low-maintenance flooring alternative. Floors with smooth, high-luster finish that resembles polished stone, yet never requires waxing, is an outcome of concrete polishing.

5. Metallic Coatings

Metallic coatings increase shimmer and shine to your concrete floor. Available in various colors, metallic coatings generate a contemporary, classy look for interior floors. Metallic epoxies contains actual metallic powders or special reflective pigments to grant the concrete floors the look of copper, silver, aged bronze, nickel, and other sparkly patinas. They are particularly well liked in settings where a modern, posh look is desired.

6. Garage Floor Coatings

An affordable and attractive way to enhance plain garage floors is the use epoxy-based products. Apart from the fact that they help preserve the floor from grease, oil stains, and tire marks, but also impart color and texture. These potent epoxy-based systems come handy in many color choices and can be enhanced by decorative quartz or color chips.


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