Matte Polished Concrete Floor: Cost vs Benefits

Concrete flooring is considered to be a minimalist idea if you are considering a minimalist approach to your home. It is a great choice, polished concrete to be exact, for anyone because of its durability and stain proof feature. Although there are numerous options for your polished floor finish, a matte polished concrete floor is one of the most popular due to its aesthetic and design flexibility feature.

This could be attributed back to the term simple which has been making a comeback in fashion during the past few years. This holds true regardless of whether we are discussing fashion, landscape architecture, or interior design. One of the locations where we’ve seen this is in the rising appeal of concrete with a matte surface. The appearance of concrete with a semi-gloss floor finish is anything but dim or flat, despite the fact that the word matte is often associated with these adjectives.  As a result of this, an increasing number of consumers choose the unpretentious and understated appearance of a semi-gloss concrete floor finish over the ostentatious and visually overwhelming appearance of a high gloss.

How Does One Achieve A Matte Polished Concrete Floor Finish?

The process of grinding a slab to a sleek surface and then either polishing it to obtain a matte finish or sealing it with a matte sealer is what is meant by a matte polished concrete floor. A coffee shop, a bar, or even an office might benefit from having flooring made of matte concrete because it helps to set the tone for the atmosphere that you are going for.

It is crucial to recognise the fact that you cannot obtain a matte polished concrete floor finish on your concrete by merely allowing it to remain uncoated and unsealed. Sealing your concrete slab is an essential step in the placement of new concrete since it guards against stains, impact from the elements, and the general deterioration that comes with continuous use. The rate at which your concrete will disintegrate will be significantly accelerated if you do not seal it. Therefore, if you want a more natural aesthetic, leaving your concrete unfinished is not the solution. It is necessary to coat it using a concrete sealer that has a matte finish.

Glossy vs. Matte Polished Concrete Floor

Glossy Finish

A shiny finish is typically one that has been extremely highly polished and is reflecting. They frequently have a lustrous sheen to them and are excellent at reflecting light. At night, they will mirror your residential lighting to establish a glimmering candescence, making the space feel larger and vibrant. During the day, polished concrete floors Sydney will lighten up your house by uplifting the natural light that the sun provides, and during the day, they will reflect off the natural light that the sun provides. Because of their high level of luminosity, these flooring actually use less electricity than other options, which is advantageous for the environment and for your household budget. Because glossy floors are typically slipperier than matte ones, it is recommended that they be installed indoors and kept away from any source of water when possible.

Matte Finish

A room can appear cozier and more soothing if it has a matte polished concrete floor, which mimics the look of real stone more closely. Matte polished concrete floor also has an inherent texture that can significantly lessen the possibility of slipping, thus making these floors a safer alternative than other flooring options. Because of this, they are ideal for use in outdoor spaces, particularly as the edging around swimming pools. Matte floors are not only more durable, but they also conceal the majority of any faults that may appear; for this reason, they are the better choice if you anticipate having a lot of foot traffic or will be placing heavy things on the floor.

Pros and Cons of Matte Polished Concrete Floor

Installation is crucial when it comes to matte polished concrete floor. There’s a chance that if it’s not done correctly, cracks will form. Water and other liquids will make their way through any cracks in the flooring, causing mildew and bacteria to grow. Concrete is also a hard surface to walk on. It is difficult and cold to walk on, and it may be noisy. Getting a comfy rug or carpet might help solve some of the concerns with matte polished concrete floor. The echoing will be reduced, and the surfaces will be warmer and gentler to tread on.

In this area, we present a list of the primary advantages and disadvantages of matte polished concrete floor as a summary of its benefits and drawbacks.


  • Durable
  • Easy maintenance
  • Water-resistant when installed properly
  • Versatile designs
  • Inexpensive
  • Antimicrobial
  • VOC (volatile organic compounds) free


  • Cold surface
  • Hard underfoot
  • Slippery
  • Not sound-absorbing
  • Cracks could develop over time
  • Susceptible to moisture when cracks appear
  • Can require occasional resealing

Why Matte Flooring?

Visually Appealing

If you want a natural, rustic aesthetic, the matte floor treatment is your best option. Dark floors, especially matte flooring, are known for their woodsy feel. There are details that can be seen thanks to the lack of sheen and realistic colouration. Furthermore, matte floors are currently in style, giving your home a sleek, stylish feel.


Matte polished concrete floor has a long shelf life, which is a benefit. A matte surface allows your floor to keep its appearance for longer, and it hides scuff marks and dents better than shiny flooring. Even if you don’t have dogs or small children, your floor will experience normal wear and tear over time.

When opposed to a glossy floor, these defects will be considerably less obvious and blend in with the polished concrete floors with a matte finish. While you may need to refinish your matte polished concrete floor at some point, you won’t have to do it as frequently as you would with conventional flooring.

Perfect Coverup

A polished garage floor surface with a matte surface hides dirt for longer, making it easier to clean. The daily filth or dust that accumulates will not be highlighted without a gleaming finish. Until you can get out the broom, a matte finish is more tolerant of the inevitable.

Consider a satin finish instead of a matte finish if you want to break away from a glossy finish but aren’t sure if matte is the right appearance for you. It meets in the middle, preserving the matte’s durability. If you are still unsure of what to choose, check with your company and ask them about other floor solutions to better accommodate your preference.

Compliments Your Desired Décor and Design

Matte polished concrete floor appears best in unfinished, distressed, and rustic-looking homes with wide plank or distressed flooring. Floors with a matte surface don’t reflect light and appear to have been set down with little or no polishing. If you have a wooden cabin and desire the look of raw wood in a cottage, hardwood floors can help you achieve it.

Helps with Lighting

Matte polished concrete floor doesn’t glisten or glitter in the light, which is one of its advantages. Matte finish flooring is an excellent alternative if you take a lot of pictures or simply don’t want a lot of sparkle in your home.

Their absence of sheen might even give them a dramatic appearance. If you have mirrored furniture, brightly lit rooms, or many shiny surfaces, having one less dazzling surface can help. The lack of luster also helps you to perceive and appreciate the natural beauty.

Provides Drama

Dark matte flooring can have a refined and dramatic appearance. They’re also one-of-a-kind and can help you showcase your personal style, particularly when paired with reflecting surfaces and lighter or modern furniture. Dark matte flooring, especially when paired with white furniture, can look quite modern, whereas paler, high-gloss floors might look dated in some settings.

Highlights Texture

A matte finish helps the texture of a sophisticated, textured floor, such as a hand-scraped or wire-brushed choice, shine through. Instead of utilizing gloss or colour to add visual appeal, you can make a statement with the materials grain and shape. Matte polished concrete floor finishes are great for textured floors because they enable the characteristics to shine through.

Better Traction

It’s possible that some floors will become more hazardous to walk on after a high-gloss concrete finish has been applied. For instance, polished floors might be risky to walk on, particularly in locations or rooms that are prone to moisture buildup, such as restrooms and kitchens.

If you have little children at home, this may provide an especially difficult challenge for you. They risk falling and injuring themselves if they move about a lot, as highly polished surfaces might be slippery.

If you polish your floors with a matte polished concrete floor finish, then the surfaces will be more slip-resistant and safer. Because matte polishing does not render concrete too slippery, this finish is appropriate for use in any room of the house. The traction on each of your flooring will be improved.

Creates a More Subtle yet Sophisticated Appeal

A glossy shine helps a concrete floor definitely flare out. The amount of shine on the floor is quite high. However, this level of gloss is not appropriate for many households and will not function well in all homes. A room may suffer from an excess of glare and light if it has a polished concrete floor. This effect is disliked by some individuals because they believe that it draws undue attention to the floor. It is also capable of producing an icy appearance and sensation.

You will achieve a more understated look if you employ a matte polished concrete floor. This will give it a more uniform appearance. The luster of the floor won’t be affected at all, so don’t worry about it looking boring. However, it will not have a high sheen, and the amount of glare it creates in a room will not be excessive.

A matte texture also helps concrete look more like genuine stone. The surface is improved without taking on an artificial appearance as a result of this. This style of finish is better able to blend in with its surroundings.

How Much Does It Cost?

In general, polished concrete flooring is considered a low-cost option. In Australia, prices can start at $25 per square meter and rise to $50 per square meter. You should expect to pay $75 per square meter for sharpened concrete, and $100 per square meter for mechanically polished concrete, which is the most expensive.

However, before you decide to polish your floor, you must first ensure that the underlying concrete is suitable for polishing. Some concrete floors are softer than others, and as a result, they can be damaged with time. Those floors will first need to be levelled and repaired. Consider whether there are any cracks that need to be filled or if there are any high places that need to be sanded. This will have an impact on the ultimate cost of the project.

  • The size of your space

Generally, smaller spaces are less expensive, but it also depends on whether there are any specific areas that will require more detailed and precise work. This can slightly increase the price.

  • Type of polishing

Steel troweled, burnished, honed, and mechanically polished can vary in pricing.

  • Level of stone exposure

Minimal, medium, and full stone exposure are all beautiful options but be ready to pay more for the more colourful designs.

  • Type of finishing sealer used

Matte floors can be cheaper than satin ones but high gloss is normally the most expensive.

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