Is Having a Garage Polished Concrete Floor a Good Idea?

Is Having a Garage Polished Concrete Floor a Good Idea?

Many people don’t give much thought to their garage floor until it’s in desperate need of supplement. With the steadily rising use of garages for a multitude of purposes, the urge to make modifications in all parts of the garage has progressed in recent years. There is a plethora of ways to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your garage, ranging from fresh strokes of paint on the walls to increased lighting. The flooring in your garage is one of the most overlooked, yet equally crucial aspects of the overall appeal of your garage space. For most individuals, it’s simple to try to work around this frequently bland concrete slab because it isn’t an expensive or time-consuming job that they desire to undertake. But why settle for something only of exterior appeal but inefficient optimal functionality? Thus, here’s where we talk about garage polished concrete floor.

When it comes down to it, polished concrete is exactly what it says on the tin — concrete that has been pushed down to a high-gloss sheen of varied degrees, depending on client choice. With an exquisite floor that doesn’t require regular waxing, glossing, or coating, you can appreciate having a beautiful flooring without constantly thinking about the regular upkeep of waxing, glossing, and coating. The floor will last approximately a decade without the need for any further refinishing efforts. But if that doesn’t convince you enough, then let’s tackle on the perks and drawbacks of having a garage polished concrete floor, and see for yourself whether it’s indeed a good idea or not.

Advantage of Garage Polished Concrete Floor

1. Stain-Resistant

Polishing a concrete floor effectively seals and hardens the surface, making it nearly impervious to water and contaminants. Because some coatings can give anti-microbial protection, they are appropriate for use in kitchens. Ideally, there will be no fissures or cracks to collect dirt and food, which would otherwise provide a great breeding ground for bacteria.

When wet, slabs are also more prone to becoming slippery than other types of surfaces. Extra grip is provided via polish treatments. Additionally, it is well suited for situations where spills are expected to occur as well as regions with high foot activity.

2. Cosmopolitan Option

The basic material of concrete is still in style, but renovating your garage means you want something modern and innovative. Garage polished concrete floor retains the concrete’s simple appearance and feel. While it provides an avant-garde show, it also serves as a compliment to the contemporary architecture design. The industrial style may be used in any room, including your garage.

3. Flexible Usage

With garage polished concrete floor, business owners and homeowners have virtually limitless options when it comes to color and design options. Polished concrete floors may be utilized in both indoor and outdoor settings, and they can be stained and dyed to create a virtually limitless range of colors and patterns.

4. Plethora of Design Options

The number of stains and dyes that can be used on polished concrete floors is virtually endless. You may customize the appearance of your concrete flooring surface by incorporating different colors and particles into it to create the look you desire. Furthermore, because these floors are fully seamless, there are no uneven lines to be seen. The seamless characteristics of these flooring solutions allow you to open up and free up any space of clutter, making your clients and visitors feel more welcome in your establishment.

5. Increased Market Value of Real Estate

In the estimation of real estate agents, a property with polished concrete floors should expect to see a significant increase in its value when it comes time to sell. Polished concrete floors are appropriate for every area in the building, and they can be used to improve corridor entrances, give your garage a distinctive appearance, and create a gorgeous outdoor area.

Disadvantages of Garage Polished Concrete Floor

1. Hard Surface

Although this material’s strength and durability are advantageous, the surface is extremely hard and will not cushion or “give” under foot pressure, making it inconvenient to stand on for extended periods of time. Anti-fatigue mats can be placed in areas where employees spend long periods of time on their feet on a daily basis to help alleviate this problem.

2. Moisture-Susceptible

If concrete flooring is not thoroughly coated and sealed, it will be extremely susceptible to moisture infiltration and will eventually fail. If a liquid manages to seep into the cracks of a concrete floor, it can remain there for a long period of time, promoting the formation of mold and mildew. If you have polished concrete flooring installed by a reputable contractor, you shouldn’t have to be concerned about this issue at all.

3. Loud

Polished concrete floors, like ceramic tile, carrara marble flooring, and some hardwood and bamboo floors, can be rather noisy. Similarly, garage polished concrete floor can be quite noisy. In order to limit the amount of noise in the room, you can use carpets, heavy curtains, acoustic wall panels, and other components that filter or block sound to decorate it.

Even bearing its fair share of downsides, it’s still apparent that the perks of installing garage polished concrete floor dominates its overall functionality. But still, the final verdict is on you. If coming to your senses mean opting for garage polished concrete floors, then you are the right track of the process. Renucrete Sydney takes pride in its top-notch quality of work with the most in-demand concrete work professionals. Specifically, our services are available in residential, commercial, and industrial areas in Sydney Western Suburbs and its neighbours.

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