Is Cement Overlay Cost Worth It? What Are Its Benefits?

Whether you have a concrete floor that needs repair or simply needs a little sprucing up, it is possible to do so in an innovative way that will make the floor far better than it was previously. Using concrete overlay on your flooring will give them a completely distinct appearance. When compared to the expense of demolishing and replacing your old concrete floors, a concrete overlay can save you a significant amount of money on your flooring project. A basic cement overlay cost runs from $3 to $7 per square foot.

Concrete overlay floors take time to apply and cement overlay cost can be expensive, so it is important to understand the elements that influence how long it lasts to make informed decisions. Concrete coatings have a normal lifespan of 10-15 years, but they can endure up to 25 years or more if properly installed and maintained. Aside from the cement overlay cost, other considerations to address include the quality of the overlay material, the amount of prep work done to the concrete, and the amount of regular maintenance required.

Cement Overlays: Significant Facts to Examine

Cement overlays are only as effective as the surface to which they are put. You must remember that if the concrete is damaged or rising to the surface, the overlay will also crack and surface. You must be certain that if the concrete is severely broken, the overlay will not last. There are various methods to reinforce and treat existing concrete. You should be aware, however, that there are no guarantees that the overlay will not delaminate or crack due to the ground’s sensitivity to weather conditions and moisture. Ultimately, it all depends on the product’s qualities.  Look for contractors who offer potent mixtures.

Renucrete takes pride in utilising the best quality, most sophisticated, and environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, if the blends are robust and comprised of high-quality components, the overlay would appear much better and last longer. Consider resurfacing the floor before deciding to remove and install a new floor or wall. Resurfacing a surface gives it new life and costs less than removing and installing a new floor or wall.

Do Polished Overlay Coating Cracks?

One of the most difficult aspects of working with concrete is the material’s proclivity to break. However, this only occurs if the cement overlay is applied over a surface that is broken or structurally weak.

For instance, the surface may contain patches, expansion gaps and joints, large cracks, or cracks with one side elevated and the other lowered. Before applying the concrete overlay, identify these problem spots and repair or fix them.  This will help prevent cracks in the overlay.

Also, ensure that the base slab does not retain moisture before applying the concrete overlay. The concrete overlay is impermeable, thus any moisture vapours from below will cause it to lift completely off the slab and crack.

To prevent moisture issues, ensure that the base concrete is treated with a waterproof, impermeable covering.  Lastly, ensure that the overlay is not applied too thickly, as this will also result in cracking.

Considerations To Make Before Applying a Cement Overlay

Levelling and cleaning the surface on which the overlay will be applied is necessary to prevent the surface from becoming damaged or surfacing up. It is essential to search for overlay mixtures that are robust and manufactured using high-quality components, such as polymer resins, a combination of cement and sand, and some other additives. Before beginning the process of cement overlays, it is important to keep in mind the following several considerations.

Floor Condition

When choosing the cement overlays Sydney for your flooring, it is essential to conduct a thorough analysis of the circumstances that will be placed on it. For instance, if it is for floors that are subjected to significant foot traffic and harsh circumstances, then you will require sturdy overlays that are designed to resist wear and tear over time. The overlay will look different depending on the conditions of the flooring.

Floor Surface Evaluation

Testing the floor’s surface for its ability to deflect force, in particular, using a falling weight deflectometer, is a procedure that is used frequently. Curing is advised for any tasks that involve an overlay. The degree of support that is beneath the floor surface layers ought to be analysed in addition to the surface of the present floor slab that is being evaluated.

Foot Traffic

Quantification of the traffic that will be placed on the floor over the course of its design life is necessary for all thickness design techniques. The minimum traffic criteria necessary for floor pavement design include the average yearly daily traffic as well as the percentage of vehicles that are trucks.

Material Properties

The strength of the concrete is an essential component in the design process, particularly its flexural strength. It is the responsibility of the specialists to determine whether or not the specified strength can be realised with the materials at hand. Another material property that is taken into consideration throughout the design process for most types of overlay is the concrete’s modulus of elasticity. The coefficient of thermal expansion is another material parameter that is mostly utilised in mechanistic-based design processes (CTE).

Will a Concrete Overlay Stand the Test of Time?

With a concrete overlay, you may entirely transform the appearance of a concrete surface, as well as the appearance of a home or structure. When it comes to the installation of polished overlay flooring, it can be a time-consuming task. The question is, is cement overlay cost worth it? Is concrete overlay a good investment?

A concrete overlay over an existing concrete surface is an excellent way to breathe new life into ancient concrete or to stamp your style into a newly laid concrete surface. Regardless of the application, the concrete overlay must be durable enough to be worth the investment.

The following are some of the most important aspects that determine the longevity of a concrete overlay:
  • The quality of the overlay material
  • The level of preparation and the amount of time
  • The knowledge and attention to detail that went into the application of the overlay
  • Maintenance and resealing regularly

If the concrete beneath the overlay has already been damaged, cracked, or has begun to shift as a result of moving earth, the overlay will not last for very long. The same factors that contributed to the cracked concrete will also contribute to the cracking of the concrete overlay. Flakes and cracks that are already present will cause the overlay to lift over time. Because of pre-existing difficulties, it is unlikely to endure for very long.

If the overlay material is of poor quality, the overlay will not be likely to persist for an extended period. For outdoor concrete overlay and overlay that is subjected to a great deal of heavy use, such as concrete overlay used on a driveway, this limited lifespan is especially true. Due to the weaker materials used in the overlay, it is unlikely to endure as long as high-quality material because the inferior materials are more susceptible to cracks, chips, flaking, and general wear and tear than high-quality material.

What’s Behind the Cement Overlay Cost: Benefits of Having Polished Overlay Coating

There are numerous advantages to decorative concrete overlay; to educate you, here are some advantages to consider when remodelling your floor:


Installing a decorative overlay over your concrete floor is significantly less expensive than installing new carpet, tile, or hardwood floors. Even if you choose to add a stamped overlay, which requires applying a thin coat to the existing floor, you will save significantly more money than with other options. You can even replicate the look of natural stone with a decorative concrete overlay at a fraction of the cost.

Design and Installation Versatility

Polished overlay coating is extremely adaptable. They continue as a liquid, which allows them to fill any space. Contractors save time by not having to cut or shape the material to fit around curves or into nooks. Simply spread it where you desire.

Overlays, on the other hand, are similarly adaptable in their design. They can be coloured to almost any shade you desire. They can be imprinted with a design on the surface or patterned and textured. Additionally, a clear sealer can be added to enhance the shine and colour. You have numerous design options for your floors. Additionally, you can add texture beads to make it more slip-resistant.

Durability and Longevity

Concrete is a durable material that can withstand a great deal of abuse. Concrete overlay is sealed with a penetrating sealer to increase their stain and scuff resistance. To keep these floors looking great, all you need to do is maintain the sealer and sweep and mop them regularly to remove dirt.

Low Maintenance

You don’t have to do much to maintain the appearance of your decorative concrete flooring. Simply sweep and mop it to remove debris and spills. You can seal or wax the floors to increase their stain resistance, but they will continue to look great for many years if you maintain a regular sweeping and mopping schedule.

Environmentally Friendly

Choosing a concrete overlay or concrete floor coatings over tile or another type of flooring is a green choice. By utilizing the existing surface and utilizing fewer materials, you can create a new floor. Additionally, because concrete is a more durable material that is less prone to damage, you will not need to replace it as frequently as other floor types, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.

Sydney Concrete Finishing: Hiring Professionals

It is essential to select a concrete expert who knows how to properly prepare the mixture for you, and if they have experience with decorative finishes, the job will be much easier and better. Additionally, you must consult with the experts on all the necessary tools and supplies. It is essential to have a structural engineer evaluate the foundation to establish its soundness and stability. They will explain which fractures may be ignored, which are simple to repair, and which require the services of a contractor. Professionals can also explain that fractures wider than one-eighth of an inch may indicate structural issues with the foundation, necessitating the completion of additional steps before application. You could handle everything on your own, but it may be worth the additional expense to hire experts.

Going for a high-quality polished overlay coating would mean a higher cement overlay cost. This may sound discouraging but you will surely not regret it in the future. Sydney concrete finishing contractors offer high-quality service without a doubt. Aside from that, we offer a free consultation to help you realize how much would it cost you.

With Renucrete, your floor will have a new life made according to your personal style. To acquire our service, message us immediately!

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