How to Properly Grind and Seal Concrete Floor?

How to Properly Grind and Seal Concrete Floor?

The term grind and seal concrete floor term to describe the system of applying a protective and transparent coating to concrete floors. The top layer of concrete is grinded back to show as little or as much stone as the client desires. This procedure involves grinding and then sealing the floors. The eradication of any scratches or impurities in the surface layer of any concrete is what grinding do. It is accomplished by using high power concrete grinders that can rapidly and efficiently saturate the surface of the concrete with scratches. You can choose to use finer diamonds to remove visible scratching and get a flat surface ready for coating once the right level of stone exposure has been achieved. Finally, a protective sealer will be used as floor finish. This sealer can be a matte, semi-gloss or high gloss.



The first step to grind and seal concrete floor is to grind away any existing coatings or impurities such as grease and dirt and begin to smooth the surface of the floor. Filled and patched at this time are any bigger holes, divots and expansion joints. Grinding also permits for adherence between your concrete and the concrete stain and/or sealer.


Staining or coloring your concrete is optional. This allows you to ensure that your floors appearance will match the theme or color-scheme of the room.


A sealer is put on to safeguard and enhance the beauty and durability of your new concrete floor. Bona fide sealers will withstand stains from most industrial chemicals. Offering a lifetime warranty against peeling and yellowing is just some of the qualities of the sealers.

The resulting outcome to this is a polished concrete. These are highly sought-after flooring option in any building or commercial spaces because of its uniqueness and effectivity.


Grind and seal concrete floor can provide countless benefits and will certainly be worth the money you will invest in.


To attain your desired appearance and finish with the proper sealer, fewer grinding steps are required. It also never needs to be buffed or achieve a burnished concrete, which save you even more.


A grind and seal concrete floor has a natural beauty that few other floors can match. Working with a company with an advanced flooring system will give you a stunning surface that lasts.


Our grind and seal concrete floor are much easier to keep clean than unsealed concrete and even polished floors with an acrylic sealer, decreasing expenses by requiring fewer labor hours and a portion of the chemicals you’re currently using to clean.


Compared to acrylic sealers, which do not grip up well to acid, the proper sealer resists stains from nearly any industrial chemical. Not only it preserves the finish, but the concrete itself.


The genuine seal coating delivers a solid finish that holds up extraordinarily well, even in high traffic areas.


The floor go through assessment and procedure and passes the requirements for slip resistance; grip can be further increased with the inclusion of grip enhancing additives, if desired.

There are other benefits you can notice if you invest in one. Grind and seal concrete floor are becoming popular is one of the top option for residential or business properties.

Here are some professional advice for you to remember if you are considering to do the project yourself:


We tend to go for the cheapest options when we may find ourselves in a budget but if you are looking for the best outcomes then you should spend on the right tools instead of spending it on cheap tools but in the long run spend more on repairs because you now are faced with a subpar result due to the tools you used. So think about long term effects of the materials and tools you use and set the right budget for it so that you won’t have to worry about unnecessary expenditures in the future.


Understanding what the actual grind and seal concrete floor process requires and how to achieve your desired results will help you determine how to get the exact finish you desire.

There are ways for you to study and follow instructions on how it works but you need to make sure to check your sources first. To make sure that you are getting the proper information, read reliable sources. This is critical to any projects like this because if you follow the misguided instructions then you will find yourself on the wrong end of the project and will eventually waste money, energy and time.


Make sure you examine the floors for anything above grade and either cut off, hand grind to level, or smack with a hammer to knock below grade. After you get rid of the above grade issues, you can grind it along with the concrete resulting in an interesting detail that adds to the personality of the floor.


With years of being in business, Renucrete has become the master of flooring projects. From your grind and seal concrete floor projects to concrete honing, we can do various projects depending on what you need. We can assure you that only trained, and highly skilled professionals are employed here that will do your projects. If you have any questions or inquiries, explore our official website or contact us so we can directly answer them.