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Is Concrete Floor Grinding And Polishing Cost Worth It?

Whenever we plan for a renovation project or upgrading a simple room or space, we always think about how much it costs and if it is worth it no matter how small the investment is, we want to make sure that we spend on something that we benefit for the price we pay. A great example for this is a concrete floor grinding and polishing project for your garage or a space you want the floor fixed. From the sound of it, it sounds like a big and expensive project but in reality it is not. A concrete floor grinding and polishing project is the most cost-effective investment you can be sure of. So, what is it and is concrete floor grinding and polishing Sydney popular? Here are a few reminders to let you know how much it’s worth it.


Concrete floor grinding and polishing projects are very known to be used in areas where heavy traffic is being used. They provide the best performance on these conditions because of the amazing properties they possess. It is known to withstand high temperatures, weather conditions and many more that why polished concrete floors in Sydney are widely popular especially in home garages and building staff houses.

Using stunning aggregates, quartz and colors to create a sense of industrial sophistication in both homes and commercial buildings, concrete grinding polishing is a versatile method that is easily customizable in its appearance. Its reflective finish produces a redolent quality under light, which can be suitable for a variety of programs.

As it is long-lasting and more durable under heavy foot traffic, mechanically polished concrete floors Sydney is the type usually used in commercial projects. It is created by putting a chemical hardener that densifies the absorbent concrete, and then grinding it to the desired gloss and smoothness. The concrete can potentially be ground to 800, 1500 or 3000 grit level using a series of progressively fine tools (similar to the process of sanding wood). One more consideration is the concrete’s “exposure level”- that is, the amount if the original surface which is ground away and thus how much of the aggregate material is exposed.


The most common places concrete floor grinding and polishing projects are done:

Large warehouses and warehouse outlets

It is commonly used at warehouses since constant in and out of heavy cargo happen every day and it can withstand heavy traffic and does not break. They are very hard-wearing that is why it is the option that many business owners prefer.

Retail stores

It is also usual in retail stores because of heavy foot traffic that typical concrete or tiled floors cannot withstand. Also, with continuous moving of boxes and heavy loads they are ideal to work with.

Hotels and restaurants

These places are not only heavy with foot traffic they are also places that needs cleaning all the time. They are preferred by restaurant owners and business men because they are easy to clean and offer less maintenance than any other floor options saving them a lot of trouble and of course money.

Office buildings

Heavy foot traffic from employees and clients. Big purview for the maintenance personnel that is why polished concrete is a substantial choice to use because they require minimal maintenance and still keep the professional and sophisticated appeal.

Auto showrooms

Machines, cars and trucks come and go and are always exposed to water, heat, dirt and many more. Since it does not have open spaces, they are durable and no water seeps through it they provide the best options for buildings like these.

Private residences

Due its sleek looking and benefits, they not only provide beauty but value to every home-owner who wishes to put on a salt & pepper concrete finish.



Regardless of having a valuable appearance, it is still more affordable than any other flooring options. The whole lifecycle cost is lower than any popular types of flooring. It is especially affordable if you already have a concrete slab you can get professionally.


Durability should be second to none for manufacturing and warehousing facilities. It is very solid and can stand up to dense foot traffic.


They are very easy to maintain. They do not necessitate you to intermittently strip the surface and apply wax or other coatings like many other flooring types do. They are even very easy to clean. They don’t retain dirt or dust like other floors do and only require periodic mopping.


They are an eco-friendly option as it does not involve the use of hazardous chemical coatings, cleaners and adhesive in their installation or upkeep. Floors are also energy efficient, which further add to their reputation as a “green” flooring choice.


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