Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Concrete Honing

Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Concrete Honing

Ever heard of professional concrete honing? Feeling intrigued and have more questions to ask? Then, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll answer some of your most frequently asked questions about professional concrete honing. Let’s get started.

What is professional concrete honing?

Honed means “to shape by grinding or rubbing”. Concrete means  “a hard, durable building material made with cement and other ingredients”. The process of grinding and polishing this concrete is called concrete honing. Its main goal is to remove the old, weathered surface. And then turn it into a slip-resistant flooring that’s aesthetically pleasing.

How is professional concrete honing different from concrete polishing?

Many homeowners and property owners often interchange professional concrete honing with concrete polishing. But, the two are different from each other.

Concrete honing

It is a more cost-effective option because you don’t need extra materials to get it done. All you need to do is your honing equipment. And you’re good to go. You can start removing visible scars and marks with your diamond tooling.

Polished concrete honing

Unlike honed concrete polishing, you’ll need to buy a polishing material and use a rotating machine to polish your concrete. The finish can also be more slippery compared to the honed alternative.

Why should I hone my concrete?

Do you have a weary concrete floor that’s no longer aesthetically pleasing? It’s not hopeless. With concrete honing, you can take away the unappealing layers of your concrete to reveal it’s beautiful and flawless self. 

Concrete floors must be grinded progressively with diamond tools in order to achieve a perfectly smooth finish.  Grinding the concrete mix will draw out the gleaming aggregates, revealing a visually appealing and  feet-friendly finish.

What if I have several concretes to hone? 

If you have multiple areas to hone, then it’s best to delegate it to the professionals. Because of their expertise, they’re able to minimize the time to complete the project. Also, having done the process multiple times, they’ve mastered how to create the best quality finish. 

Lastly, honing concrete is an intricate process that requires progressive grinding. Adding too little or too much pressure on the grind can affect the overall finish of the honed concrete. That’s why, if you’re planning a large scale concrete honing project, it’s more time-saving and cost-effective to delegate it. 

How does professional concrete honing work?

Professional concrete honing is done by grinding the top of the concrete. This is done until the surface reveals as little or as much aggregate on the surface. 

Use a coarse diamond attached to a planetary grinder. You run it over the floor until your desired finish is achieved. With this process, you can reveal more stones and achieve a beautiful appearance for your concrete. 

Why should I use professional concrete honing?

Professional concrete honing offers many benefits. Here are some of them.


If properly installed, honed concrete can last for up to a hundred years. Honed concrete is also more likely to survive even in the harshest environments. That’s why professional concrete-honing is a trend these days. Durable flooring like this one can be cost-effective.


Kids, pets and elderly people at home are one of your priorities when thinking of renovations. If you’re tired of flooring systems that get extremely dangerous when wet, then honed concrete might be something you should consider.

Amazingly beautiful

Honed concrete is perfect for creating an interior that’s warm-looking modern, and elegant. It can also provide a contrast to the natural beauty of your outdoor living space, making it feel like an extension of your home’s design and style.


Concrete honing is environmentally friendly because you’re not using any paint or stain for protection against water damage. Plus, with concrete honing, you don’t need extra materials to install. You just hone it.

What can I use honed concrete for?

Honed concrete floors are perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic. Here are some of the areas you can use honed concrete for.

  • Kitchens
  • Living Rooms
  • Hallways
  • Swimming Pools
  • Outdoor Areas
  • Malls
  • Hotels
  • Schools

And so much more.

Concrete honing is proven to be an excellent and affordable choice especially for outdoor entertainment areas and pool deck. It also requires almost no maintenance over time.

Why should I hire a professional concrete honing company instead of doing it myself?

They are an expert in handling concrete

Professional concrete honers are trained to handle concrete. They know what’s good quality concrete, where it’s best to use and how to best use it. They’re also skilled at evaluating the conditions of concrete floors. They can assess if your concrete is still eligible for concrete honing, concrete overlay or concrete honing. And if you ever need repairs for your concrete, they know how to perform it right away. 

Proper Grinding 

Doing the grinding yourself can increase the risk of excessive pressure or prolonged grinding. This can result in cracks and further damage to your concrete. A professional knows how to handle your concrete more effectively, making sure it’s honed properly to achieve an aesthetic finish.

Also, if your concrete isn’t level or balanced, a professional will notice it right away and proceed to fix it. So you can make sure you have a perfectly balanced, durable and smooth finish for your concrete. 

Proper Tools and Equipment

If you do not have the tools and equipment to properly hone your concrete, then DIY-ing it might not be the most cost-effective option. Buying tools for a one-time project isn’t going to save you money. Plus, there will be a learning curve handling these equipment. Meanwhile, concrete honing professionals have invested in high-level tools designed to get the best finish. 

 Where can I find concrete honing Sydney professionals?

A honed concrete floor can add appeal to your home or building. However, concrete honing is an intricate process. To get the best outcomes, you’ll need the help of concrete honing professionals in Sydney. Reach out to us today for your concrete honing needs.