Different Types of Epoxy Floor Coating

Different Types of Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coating are being quite popular for industrial and commercial flooring. There happens to be a variety of epoxy that may be used on floors which include self-dispersing coatings, gravelled coatings, self-levelling coating, mortar coatings, vapour barrier coatings, terrazzo coatings, and antistatic coatings. Each type of these coatings will offer a distinct advantage and disadvantage when it is compared to others.


Epoxy is an adhesive, paint, plastic or other material that is created as a polymer of epoxides. It is describe coatings that are created from two components, meaning, a combination mix of two different chemicals, referred to as resin. There are many benefits that come with using an epoxy floor coating, compared to using other types of resins for flooring. Most importantly, epoxy is known to be the highest strength resin in the industry. They offer the strongest bond between the resin and reinforcement and allow for the construction of the lightest part and most durable modules.


The number one flooring option for residential, commercial and industrial applications is epoxy floor coating. Epoxy flooring is typically two-part systems consisting of Part A: resin and Part B: hardener. Specialty additives like flow control, UV inhibitors, adhesion promoters, accelerators, etc, are added to create coatings that perform well in a wide variety of flooring applications. Using these specialty additives, epoxy floor coatings are formulated to achieve different desired performance characteristics like a more rapid cure, increased abrasion resistance, higher chemical resistance, higher or lower viscosity, and many others. Different pigments, decorative coloured quartz aggregate, vinyl flakes, glitter, and other additives are added to the epoxy floor resin to achieve a different performance and aesthetic characteristics. Lastly, different types of aggregate sand blends (slurry, trowel, broadcast, etc) can also be added to the epoxy as well to create thicker, more durable flooring systems, and add non-slip texture. Epoxy Floor Coatings are an extremely versatile flooring option and can be made and applied in a large variety of performance and aesthetic characteristics.

There is a lot of epoxy coating options to choose from, it depends on what you are looking for. Here are the options that you an choose from:


This type of coating is normally used in areas that will receive a lot of forklift activity or heavy truck traffic because it has great mechanical strength. Another type of coating is made with quartz sand. That coating is used in food processing plants or locations that have liquids present because it has great anti-slip qualities.


These coatings are easy to install over old and new concrete floors as they can create a seamless and smooth surface. Self-levelling epoxy coating can be used in storage facilities, office buildings, warehouses, kitchens, garages, dining rooms, and so much more.


This is the strongest coating of all epoxy floors. This type of coating is normally used in heavy industrial areas and can be used to repair the cracks to other epoxy floors before laying different epoxy coatings.

Epoxy Floor Coating


This type of epoxy coating is the most decorative choices and can be used to add brand marks, decorative details, and even logotypes to the floor.


This type of coating is quite decorative and simple to clean. Terrazzo coatings are normally used in large areas such as entrances and hallways in schools, office buildings, and commercial buildings.


This type of coating is used in static sensitive areas where electronic components are in permanent use and having a static-free environment is vital for places like hospitals, electronic manufacturing plants, and laboratories.


Liquid vapor barrier epoxy is applied on top of concrete floors to give it an impenetrable surface that reduces vapor transmission to almost zero. This coating is normally added before the final flooring surface is added such as hardwood floors, carpet, tile, and sheet vinyl.


This isn’t really a type of epoxy flooring, but a style of applying the coating. This type of technique adds multi-coloured chips or flakes into the coating while it is wet to give it a decorative look when finished.


This happens to be the most durable type of epoxy material, which a professional installer will recommend and use. This coating will last around 20 years, especially when it is used for heavy human traffic areas where surfaces need protection from possible abrasions, chemical reactions of chemical substances and hot tire marks. These installers will use hardeners that allow the coating to dry into a solid form, while it bonds with the concrete.


This type of coating is more of a primer and sealer because it spreads thinly and doesn’t possess the same resistance and durability as 100% solid coating does. This is the type of coating that is included in a DIY kit that is considered user-friendly than the others. Because of the ability to penetrate a porous surface, it is normally used as a sealer or primer over degreased concrete surfaces. It does give concrete a smooth and glossy surface as well as protective qualities against abrasions, chemical reactions, and stains.


Just like the name has implied, this type of coating uses solvents when it is used as a floor primer and sealer, just like the water-based type. Solvent-based epoxies will contain solids that range from 30% to 70%, which gives you a really thin layer. Because its nature is a solvent-based floor coating it makes it a less favourable choice, as the type or amount of solvent that is used is normally noncompliant with the VOC or Volatile Organic Compound regulations. Out of these coatings, DIY and Chicago installers will hardly ever include a solvent-based coating as a primer or sealer in epoxy floors.

These are the different options you can choose from. You need to make sure what the best fit is for you so that the coating last longs and would fit perfectly on what portion would you want it to be coated. Epoxy floor coating is widely used in Sydney. Epoxy driveway Sydney is very common as they provide the best benefits for driveways. Garage epoxy flooring is also very common and is the most used option for many home owners.

Although this may seem to be up to, it is always good to seek advice from epoxy flooring experts as they know much better than us. Epoxy floor coating provides numerous benefits for you and your home or business. Here at Renucrete, we provide wide ranges of services and our product goes beyond your expections.