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Cream Finish Polished Concrete Sydney

Do you want a natural cloudy cream finish polished concrete in your place in Sydney? Would you prefer inexpensive concrete polishing yet certainly durable? Did you know that cream finish is the ideal choice for large commercial and industrial spaces? Additionally, are you a homeowner that wants an easy-to-maintain polished concrete?

Cream Finish by RenuCrete has been a popular choice in Sydney. In fact, people who prefer affordable yet excellent quality concrete polishing prefers this choice. Moreover, it’s the best solution for large spaces because of its durability against frequent traffic.

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What Does a Cream Finish Look Like?

Polished concrete finishes usually have exposed aggregate. Specifically, they are the salt and pepper finish, semi-exposed aggregate, and full exposed aggregate. However, unlike the other polishing options, cream finish generally does not expose the aggregate at all. Specifically, we achieve a perfectly smooth cream finish by carefully burnishing the concrete surface repeatedly. Also, we perform each step of the process with 100% accuracy.

Generally, a cream finish on your concrete surface gives a cloudy, glossy, and reflective look. Specifically, it gives your large floor a smooth, creamy, and classy appearance. Moreover, it certainly will make your massive floor area look more stunning and magnificent.

In general, depending on your preference, you can choose from among a variety of colors. Primarily, you can decide on the type and level of gloss and creaminess you want to achieve. Additionally, you can have a polished concrete with a matte to a glassy mirror-like surface.

Furthermore, our cream finish produces natural light because its surface holds the sheen. Therefore, its appearance gives your place a really brand new look. As mentioned, its best in large floor areas like in commercial and industrial spaces. Furthermore, it’s also best in wide spaces in your home.

Areas that Cream Finish Polished Concrete Works Best

Absolutely, you can have a cream finish in almost all areas in your place in Sydney. To explain, this amazing concrete finish by RenuCrete is certainly applicable to both homes or businesses. In fact, you’d usually see this finish in many Sydney homes and business establishments.

In your home, you can have a cream finish in any room. For instance, its best for your living room, dining area, and bedroom. Without a doubt, having a creamy and shiny floor surface in these areas really makes a cool ambiance. Specifically, it makes these rooms look fresher and cleaner having the same feels that you have in great hotels.

For your business, a cream finish will easily fit well. Particularly, it doesn’t matter if you want it in your retail store, restaurant, hotel, or any other. Absolutely, this polished concrete finish choice will do magic in the overall appearance of your business place. Most importantly, this finish has already proven to be quite durable for busy places like your business.

Less Expensive, Durable, and Easy to Maintain Cream Finish

Generally, the cream finish is the most affordable because it requires less time to install. Unlike, the other concrete finish types, it doesn’t take us longer to complete the installation. Therefore, it’s the top choice among real-estate developers and business owners.

As a note, the length of installation time also varies. To explain, it depends on the level of gloss that you require. In fact, the shinier that you want it to be the longer the time that it needs.

Additionally, this type of floor finish is absolutely easy to clean. In fact, it has a low maintenance requirement. Yet, still consistently holds its majestically cloudy and glossy appeal.

Moreover, this remarkable polished concrete finish tops the list in terms of strength. Specifically, it’s ideal in areas where people usually gather. Therefore, if you need a polished concrete finish that can sustain such pressure, choose the cream finish.

Process to Achieve the Best Cream Finish

Specifically, to achieve the best cream finish on your polished concrete, we follow a distinct process. For this type of finish, we skip all metal bond diamond steps. In fact, we go straight to 100 grit resin pads and 200 grit resins.

Then, we densify your floor and leave it overnight. Technically, this allows the lithium densifier to react well with the free lime within the concrete. As a result, it strengthens or hardens the concrete.

Consequently, we offer the following sheen levels:

  • For low sheen, we use 100 grit to 200 grit resin pads
  • In the case of medium sheen, we apply 100, 200, 400, and 800 grit resin pads
  • Finally, for high gloss, we have 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 grit resin pad passes with floor grinder. Also, we replicate the process on all edges but with a smaller grinder this time. Obviously, we need a smaller grinder to polish the corner up to the walls.

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As mentioned, the cream finish is an extremely popular floor polishing choice around the world including Sydney. Undoubtedly, its affordability and remarkable durability make this finish on top of the list. Furthermore, it guarantees so much beauty and quality.

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